Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our little old schoolhouse...

Here is little Caillou playing the alphabet bingo game we found at our little thrift store. We have been have many nice days walking to the thrift store and finding many treasures. Its been quite fun searching the book shelves for special train books... and finding them! Shuffling through the toy bin and finding a 1957 fisher price little people mail man truck for a mere fifteen cents! Discovering a child's parachute for ninety nine cents tucked in with the sheets. And then there is of course the alphabet bingo game we found... something that you just don't see much nowadays since our kids have entered the computerized era of education. We had to be quite careful when we opened the alphabet bingo box, it was quite old. We carefully taped up the crease lines in the alphabet chart, which were quite fragile, and voila it was like new! Since Caillou is just a bit to young to get the concept of playing bingo... we played this way instead. Caillou would hold a bingo card, and I would point to a letter, telling him what it is, he would then find it on the large alphabet chart. He would then get one of those rainbow plastic, dime sized bingo markers as his reward, then he would put it in a baby food jar and shake it around singing alphabet bingo!
We have also been feeling artsy crafty around here. Caillou busily doing his own projects while I do mine. Here are some crayons I made for Caillou. My friend Jennifer gave me the idea!

Here is the finished product! I love how they look, and Caillou loves how they color!
Well, we are off for adventures. We are going to pack up our lunch picnic style, stop in at the thrift store and see if they have any new treasures for us today, and go on over to the park to play until naptime.


  1. The crayons look so pretty. Caillou looks like his happy self as usual. I am amazed at all the things he is learning. I know you are so proud of him. I am too.

    Boo-Bah aka your Mama

  2. I didn't really ever think about making crayons. How neat! He looks happy with his game.

  3. Hi Ashley,what fun,finding treasures at the thrift store. My little granddaughter Jalyn and I are thrifting buddies...we have lots of fun looking for those hidden,lost,and forgotten things that once were loved by someone...your little ones are so sweet,and what a wonderful mother you are...I am blessed to see young mothers putting so much love into their family and are a wonderful example....

    Have a blessed week,Shelley

  4. Oh,yes I love your crayons....

  5. I HAVE to know how to do the crayon thing! What a good idea! (My daughter keeps breaking crayons, and we always end up throwing them out... THIS would be perfect for those broken crayons!)

  6. Wow, those colors looks so neat. I love the ABC Bingo thing.


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