Saturday, August 6, 2011

Unconventional Us....

In the ups and downs of daily life, all the endless to do's, and bare neccessities that need getting done, it is easy to get on the path of "just getting through the day."  Getting our basic tasks accomplished and feeling satisfied at that.  I am not that type of gal.  Call it spunk, call it a need for the creative.... perhaps adventuresome, full of wanderlust... whatever it be, the everyday daily tasks are not enough for me. I need a little fun, a little spontenaety, a little magic.  Sometimes I forget that, and get wrapped up in the ordinary, the getting through, and doing what should be done, instead of what "could" be done.  I get caught up in doing what people tell me I should do, and shouldn't do, " the kids shouldn't sleep in your bed"... "don't take them somewhere fun if they haven't been good"..."don't let them do that"... "you need to do show them your the boss"..."stay home more and be on a schedule" , yaddetty yaddetty yaddetty, I seem to be an open donation box for peoples opinions, wise counsel, and what not.
And you know what I have learned...  Me and my boys... we are not perfect, we are all slightly crazy ( and have therapists that would agree to our craziness!) and we do not always do everything right, but it works, we work, we have a few bumps that need smoothing, but we are all right.  We are a unique little family, and I love it. 

I love that no matter how naughty my boys may be, they are compassionate, they are affectionate, and they never forget to say their pleases and thank you's.

I love that I am the kind of mom that has fun with her kids.  I mean how much more fun does it get than swimming in a public water fountain for two hours with your kiddos.  Now they did smell a bit like a homeless man, after exiting the water, but hey we had a blast!
I love that I know what is important... and am learning not to get caught up in what other people tell me is important.... Why yes... that is my living room floor, don't you encourage art time with pastels on your floor?  Nothing a mop wont clean up!
I am glad to know sometimes a smile, a happy memory, a good day, is more important than paying a bill or doing the chores...

Mostly, I am glad we are us, UNCONVENTIONAL little old US!  We may not be perfect, me may not always be on our best behavior, everybody else might think we are nuts, but we are us.  And through the ups and the downs we are just trying to be happy, and create a little magic in our lives.