Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Honorary Hilllbilly Queen...

The happy little homemaker of the Little Hillbilly Farm...
is pleased to announce, that Mrs. Stephanie Miller is being crowned the honorary title of
Hillbilly Queen for a day.... okay.... So I have a new friend, Stephanie, we met at quilting group. We had our first playdate on monday. Caillou was.... well, Caillou. Poor Stephanie witnessed a nap battle. Somewhere in the chaos I said " I need diet coke!" Diet coke is the saving grace of my sanity. I love the ice cold bubbly stuff. Well, Stephanie remembered my love of diet coke. And... last night, I was out in the back yard, and lo and behold my new bud arrived at my gate, with none else but a large jug of diet coke in hand, gift wrapped very cleverly :) Stephanie, you made my day. I haven't had anybody do something so cool, so funny, and so nice, in a long time. So, since you totally made my day... I am hereby crowning you Hillbilly Queen for a day.


  1. I love the picture of your house. It looks warm and inviting.

  2. How sweet is that. It is so nice to make friends and when they really lift you up it is so nice.

  3. Yay!! I've never had an honor like that bestowed upon me! Thank you! It was my pleasure to bring you a little saving grace!

  4. A very sweet friend coke is a good cold drink.....


  5. Oh! That was so sweet of her....I love your cute little house...It look cottage

  6. What a nice friend to have. Send her on to my house with Dietrite. OH NEVER MIND111 I FORGOT I CAN'T HAVE IT ANYMORE. BOO HOO :(



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