Monday, April 20, 2009

In the garden...

We have built a better pen for our beloved goats, chickens, and duck. They are all quite happy with there new little yard, and my garden is now left to peacefully grow without any uprooting, or barnyard interference. We have lost quite a few plants, but our strawberries are doing pretty well. Caillou loves to fill his basket with the juicy red berries he finds out in our patch! We had quite a bunch of them the other day, and they are so much sweeter than the ones in the grocery store!


  1. Hi Ashley,your strawberries look so delish...I love the new look of your blog,the header is have the sweetest looking little home...I love it!


  2. yummy! And pesticide free! Can you send some in a box to me? I need a picture of your duck egg, to see if I would ever attempt a try at it, that is is you ever wanted to give one of those precious eggs up for free, lol! The house does look very nice, I wish my grass would grow a little faster!

  3. I can't believe your garden is producing. Here, we usually plant near Memorial Day, and harvest in July and August. Cindy

  4. Strawberries looks soooooo good... LIke your new look...

  5. I will have strawberry shortcake. Please??
    Today was fun and I love all my treasures.
    Take a picture of yourself in your new outfit when you have time.

    My eye is feeling better, Thank goodness.

    Tomorrow I am baking a cake. I have a pineapple mix and I am going to make pineapple filling for in between the layers, and maybe a butter cream frosting or a cream cheese frosting. You will be able to smell it all the way up the grade.

    Kiss the boys goodnight for me and I suppose the goats, duck, and chickens too.



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