Saturday, September 27, 2008

Funny Face...

Jasper is the sweetest, happiest, most easy going baby of all time!  He makes the most adorable faces and has the greatest smile.  A couple of nights ago, I woke up to find him adoringly cooing at the lamp shade above his little bed.  As he gurgled and smiled at that little, old lampshade as though it were the most fascinating thing in the whole wide world,  I couldn't help but think how perfect and wonderful childhood is, and why can't it last forever.  

Nature Expedition

At last, Autumn is here!  To celebrate we went on a leaf hunt.  We explored outside during sunset.   Caillou searched for leaves, rocks, pine cones, feathers, etc... and gathered them all in his little basket, the very same basket he filled with strawberries during the summer.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Best Friends...

It's not hard to tell that Caillou and Jasper are going to be the best of friends.  Caillou loves helping out with his little brother and always has kisses and snuggles for him!  

Caillou's first gig...

The performer in D'ellis and me must have rubbed off on Caillou.  We took the boys to a zydeco dance, and Caillou was invited up on stage to play the rubboard with the San Diego Cajun Playboys.  Caillou had so much fun! 

Country boy...

Happy day...

Two weekends ago we had a very fun filled day.  We went to  a Sesame Street movie, played at the park, and rode the merry go round, the same merry go round that I rode when I was a little girl.  This was Jasper's first time on the merry go round.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bake Sale Time...

We have been quite busy lately, baking away!  Caillou is my little helper,  stirring batters, rolling dough, and of course licking the beaters!  We have started holding our bake sales again to make some money for the boy's Christmas presents...  We set up under the shade tree and wait for all the kids to come flooding into the apartments off the school bus.  Caillou and Jasper both enjoy being outside, and Caillou doesn't mind swiping treats off the table and eating them too!  We have put the poor ice cream man out of business,   perhaps it is because we have conveniently priced our treats cheaper than his!!   We made $12 yesterday and will be back out on monday, with more yummies!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Homemade cotton candy!

No need to go to the carnival, we are now making our cotton candy at home!  Thanks to my handy dandy cotton candy machine I got for my birthday!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The greatest kids on earth....

We had a wonderful weekend with the two most perfect boys in the whole wide world.  The boys saw a sesame street movie, relaxed at the park.... Caillou held a worm and Jasper enjoyed the breeze.  We also made a trip to the merry-go-round.  It was Jasper's first time!   Later we went to a Cajun dance.  Caillou played the rubboard with the band up on stage!  He certainly liked being in the spotlight.  

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hooray!! It's holiday time...

Yay, my favorite time of year is just around the corner!  As the hot summer days start to fade away, and I wake up to cool, crisp mornings... it reminds me that the holidays are almost here!!  Halloween costumes to sew for my two adorable boys and slightly chubby chihuahua.  A few birthdays to bake cakes for, a turkey to roast, and best of all......CHRISTMAS!!!  Ornaments, homemade stockings, shopping for toys, toys, and more toys,  sparkly lights, hot cocoa with yummy homemade marshmallows, wrapping presents. Oh the fun of the holidays.  Oh yeah, did I fail to mention,  smashed pumpkin on the floor, because your toddler thought it was a ball,  cakes that won't rise because the kids are jumping around next to the oven, frosting handprints on the walls, from the cake that  did finally make it out of the oven in semi-decent form!   A Thanksgiving turkey the dog has licked,  presents that have been rewrapped umpteen times, and what is that under the Christmas tree, dog vomit, and a banana the toddler put under there for later!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Baby # 3

No, i'm not pregnant again, I just thougt I needed to introduce our first baby, Pearlene! So yes, I have three kids... Caillou, Jasper, and Pearlene!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Confessions of a Biter...

Hi,  I have sixteen teeth.  Yep... sixteen very sharp teeth, and I love to sink them into my mommy's arm!   I bite my family, friends, and kids in Sunday school.  Mommy say's I have to go to biter's anonymous.  The first step is admitting I have a problem...  so here goes... Hello, my name is Caillou, and I am a biter.