Monday, March 14, 2011

Our trip to Disneyland...

We had a wonderful two days at Disneyland.  We didn't get the greatest of pictures, the boys were super busy and all over the place, and our camera was acting up.  But we got a few good ones, and we made lots of memories while we were there.  Caillou was a bit more timid on some of the rides than Jasper was, and Ollie was just curious and mesmerized by everything.  Caillou's favorite ride is my favorite ride... It's a small world! I rode the Matterhorn for the first time ever, I did not like it!!! We stayed at a hotel by the park. The boys were so puzzled by the hotel, they kept wondering if we were going to live there forever.  At the hotel we gave the boys Woody dolls from toy story, and they were thrilled!!!!  They also had lots of fun playing with their Mr. Potato heads and eating cotton candy we brought back from Disneyland.  The boys had so much fun, and so did I!  It was really a fun and magical experience for us, and I hope we can do it again someday.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

a magical surprise...

It is 6am... and I am waiting.  Waiting to wake up my 3 beautiful little boys, and give them a wonderful surprise.  This morning.... I will creep into their room, armed with mickey mouse party blowers, and mickey and friends t-shirts, and awake them with the noisy, exciting, surprise of "WAKE UP WE ARE GOING TO DISNEYLAND!!!"  I am very excited for the next two days of magical adventures we are going to share together.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

random goodness...

 we love our stash of playdough...... Caillou loves to make playdough nests and eggs

Adventurous Jasper jumping at the park
 Homemade birdseed cakes for the birdies

 Juicing an abundance of oranges from our tree

 Painting and making homemade playdough
 Playdough hearts ( got left on the porch to dry, and then we had a rain storm, pink goo everywhere!)
 Goodies to share with loved ones
 Farmers market goodies

 Good old fun at the park
 Treats for preschool classmates
 One darling baby!
 First snow for Ollie!
A fun day at Bates Nut Farm

 Going for a little afternoon stroll