Tuesday, September 29, 2009

happy, happy, happy news

Well, I couldn't keep my happy little secret to myself any longer. A new little bundle of joy is coming our way at the end of May. I found out last friday, it hardly seems real to me yet! I am sure it will feel very real once the morning sickness kicks in! I am ever so happy to know that in no time at all I will have three little sunshines cuddling on my lap, three little loves to cherish, adore, and love with all my heart and soul. My children are my all and all and everything, they are the source of all my happiness, love, smiles, laughter, and joy. I am so thankful that our Heavenly Father, has blessed me with the opportunity to grow, give life to, nurture, and adore another one of His precious blessings. All though my life is often times uncertain and there are ever so many rainy days, a little more sunshine has been sent my way, and I know that with God on my side, and my sincere and joyous love of motherhood, that all will be well. I am so happy to once again look forward to becoming a mama to a new precious life. I cannot wait to hear those first cries, and hold this sweet baby in my arms. Good Night and Sweet Dreams
please keep baby in your prayers.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Love, Mama

Dear Caillou, Thank you for singning to me lots of lovely little songs today. I especially loved your version of the Farmer and the Dell ( the plumber and the wall, the plumber and the wall, hi ho to harry go the plumber and the wall) You are absolutley darling my little one. I had lots of fun with you at the park today, and planting flowers with you in our garden. But Caillou my dear, I did not like it when you attacked me in the wal-mart. It made me very sad when you were hitting me, and that mean old lady in the motorized scooter, yelled at me " you are an atrocious mother" Caillou.... why couldn't you have bitten that lady instead of me? Oh well, I love you anyhow, even if you did make me lose one of my earrings, my only real gold earring that I own, and bent my glasses during your rage. But I love you still the same, sometimes when I get mad, I feel like biting people too! If I were as cute and short as you, I would probably feel brave enough to do it too. Well, my love, I just wanted to write you this little note to say how happy I am to be your mommy, even on your less than civilized days. And even if old ladies at wal-mart think that I am atrocious, I know that you think I am wonderful, and love me madly. xoxo my little one.... Love, mommy. P.S tomorrow let's bake cookies.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The end of summertime...

Well y'all fall is officially here. It sure doesn't feel like it though in our little town. We have been going through a heat wave with the temperatures reaching 100 and something degrees. Heat wave of no heat wave, we went on a nature hunt this week. Caillou filled his little bucket with leaves, daisies, dandelions, rose petals, pinecones, and even two little crab apples. We are greatly looking forward to some cooler days. I can hardly wait to load up the boys in the little bike trailer, with our quilts, toys, a little hand work for mommy- crochet or such, our picnic basket full of yummies, and ride with the wind to the park. I know many a relaxing day will be spent that way. I am very excited about the next few months to come. I really do love the holidays, especially planning and preparing for the holidays! I am eager to be able to cozy up in a warm sweater, and snuggle my little ones in blankets, hot cocoa and cream of wheat mornings, and crisp cool breezes, pumpkin patches, and Christmas lights, rain storms, and a warm kitchen full of the aroma of baking cookies. And with all this excitement over fall and winter, I can't help but start thinking about springtime, and how excited I get to start planting seeds! I have already begun working on Christmastime projects. I am crocheting a blanket for Caillou, in shades of aqua, yellow, and lime. I have a quilt planned for Jasper. And many ideas of cute whimsical little creatures are floating throughout my imagination. As much as we enjoyed all our lovely summertime adventures, we are quite happily welcoming in the fall and winter seasons, and have many wonderful adventures ahead of us I am sure!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

September fun....

I love my boys, duh... you have all heard it before. But I do! We have been having lots of adventures. Yesterday we had a special trip to the Wild Animal Park with my best friend Sarah, and her two little ones. Caillou did quite well, he walked the whole time, and only had a few time outs. He is very very quick though, and I did find myself having to remove him from the flamingo encounter, and catch him after he crawled under a small fence during a baby alligator show. We went for an ice cream afterwards, and then to Target. I should have know better than to go to Target, but I selfishly wanted to look around the store, I love to go places..... Caillou was in melt down mode. My arms today are bruised up and down from the many bites he gave me during our target trip. Nothing I do, seems to effectively get through to him that biting is not okay. I worried that he might have a future in Cannibalism, because as he is biting me he is saying "I want to eat you mommy" These are no soft, playful, love bites, but long, full forced, skin pulling, drawing blood bites. I was so disheartened I threw up my hands and told my mama that Caillou needed to live in an institution! Somedays I feel so at a loss to help my little boy overcome his emotions, and gain self control, sometimes I feel like giving up. But as I watched my little one sleep last night, the thought came into my mind very loud and clear " every moment counts" I cannot give up on my little biter, not for one half a second, I cannot say one unkind thing in the heat of a moment. Every second, every moment counts. Even if my little one does want to "EAT ME" as he says, I am his mother, I will not give up. I will love this mischief out of him. I will talk a little softer, cry a little less, and perhaps invest in some steel sleeves to wear.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Feeling crafty....

Mama's looking at books, we could be here a while!!!
Today MY mama, (Boo-bah to the boys) and I went to the book store and the craft store. We looked at lots of delightful, bright, cheery books full of wonderful projects, and scrumptious little cupcakes. At the craft store my mama added some more supplies to my crafty collection.... Thanks Mama!!!
I have been in a very creative mood as of lately, okay, I am always in a baking, sewing, crafting, I want to make something sort of mood. But I have actually been quite productive, and doing more than just ooh and aahh over other people lovely creations... In the past two weeks I have made the boys blue velour robes from an old blanket. I finished up their little jackets, and 4 long sleeve shirts, and have been crocheting little bathtime wash cloths for them. I canned some nectarines too! I have so many projects going through my mind, and never enough time to do them it seems. And just as I get one project checked of my to do list, I think up about ten more! Before the end of this week I would like to can pickles, chunky applesauce, and maybe some blueberries. I also want to get started on my Christmas projects, and make some Halloween decorations too!

Monday, September 14, 2009

My two little men...

My sweet baby Jasper, always wearing a smile. Taking in the world, with curiosity and wonder. I adore you, I cherish you, my world would not be nearly as sunshiny without you in it. I remeber as if it were yesterday, finding out that you were on your way. I was as happy as a person could possibly be. I remember holding you for the first time, enchanted by your bright blue, beautiful eyes. I was instantly in love with you. I remember being amazed by your patience, always content, and peaceful, watching your mommy with eager eyes, but never complaining. An aboslutley perfect baby, in every way. I love how you snuggle, and smile, and laugh, and always have a twinkle in your eye. I love how you always are wearing a little grin, your lips pursed together as if you have a wonderful secret to tell. I love how you are always happy, if I could only use one word to describe you it would be "happy". Even when wild brother is running around you screaming, and toys are flying through the air, you sit their happy, clapping your hands and smiling adoringly at me. I am truly blessed to have such an amazingly sweet and beautiful child as you are. I love to wake up each morning to the "thud thud" of you jumping up and down in your crib. I even adore your late night wake up calls for milk, you are so peaceful guzzling mommy's milk, and brushing your hand through your silky hair. I love watching you crawl though the house at lightning speed, chasing after big brother, hearing your high pitched screams of happiness. You are perfect Mr. Jasper, and I cannot imagine my world without you in it. You truly are mama's little sunshine.

My darling Caillou is nearing 3 in a few months. I can hardly believe that my little boy is growing up so very quickly. It seems as if it were only yesterday that I was sitting in Del Taco eating large quantities of nachos with my mama, and wiggling uncomfortably in my chair, as Caillou kicked at the insides of my belly, making his presence known. I remember so very clearly, laying on the operating table, and feeling the doctors tugging and pulling at my insides to deliver my 9 pound 4 ounce bundle of joy. I remember his first cries, I cried as well, his sweet newborn cries was the most beautiful sound that I have yet to hear. His cries announced that he was here, full of life and ready to make his mark in the worlds, his cries also represented the birth of a mother. Me, a mother, those sweet cries belonged to MY baby. I remember laying on the operating table, being stitched up from my c-section, and all of a sudden exclaiming " my heart burn is gone!" I remember bringing him home from the hospital and laying him in his crib for the first time, wearing pale blue knit overalls, and a soft little hat. I remember his first smile, first coo, first laugh, is seems as if it were all but a moment ago. I remember his first word " mama" he was four months old, and he was addressing our dog! I can clearly recall at 10 months old picking him up in my arms, and whispering into his ear " you are going to be a big brother my little one" he was the very first to hear of mommy's exciting news. I have so many memories with my little man, pony rides, story books, strawberry picking, hammock naps, stomach flu sheets, candy hunts in the yard, library visits ( being kicked out of the library too!), cookie baking, dirt digging, bubble baths, finger painting, sweet "I love you's" and tumultous noisy tantrums, soft toddler kisses, and painful toddler bites! I have many many sweet memories with this little man. As I write this post, he sits next to me eating chese crackers, holding puzzle pieces, and is telling me of his love of ham and eggs. He is a strong, free spirited, lively little boy. Sometimes this wee boy is nearly the death of me, after a day of his mischief, I look as if I am on my last legs. But as I put him to bed, exasperated, exhausted, and often times feeling like quite a flop of a mother, I know that he is the best part of me! He is my heart and soul. Naughty or not, I could not survive a single day without him by my side. After he has settled down into bed, and finally drifted off to sleep, I cannot help but sneak into his room, and play with his wild hair, and whisper into his ear how much he means to me. I pray for him, to be healthy and happy, and also pray that he will not bite his brother or hit mommy. I kiss him goodnight, and wait for another day with my little sunshine to come.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My little Kitchen

My house is quite small, but I really do adore it. I have all these ideas for it if someday I actually owned this little old house rather than rent it. Plans to build a room here, build another there, make another little nook for me to hold school in for my little ones. I would build a solid wood fence on the sides of the house, and a white picket fence in the front, a gazebo out back with fancy twinkling lights to enjoy summer evenings with the kids, and of course a sewing room would be added on to the house as well! But, fantasizing about things, don't make them come true. For alas, I am poor, and probably will remain that way for the rest of my life. Each year, our income grows smaller and smaller, and my hopes for a home of my own diminish a bit more. I pray that we will be able to stay in this little house for as long as we can, I love it, and do all that I can to give it a feeling of home for the boys. My idea of home is something sunshiny, bright, cheerful, welcoming, full of heartfelt everday homemade touches. Old fashioned, vintage goodies, little second hand treasures, quilts, flowers, and a modge podge of homemade goodness fills every crevice of my house. I hope you enjoyed a peek into my kitchen.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our day...

We haven't been up to too much new around here. I am pulling weeds and extending my garden area. I have aspirations of planting a fall garden, and a spectacular garden next spring. I canned 4 quarts of nectarines tonight, it would have been 5 quarts but one of my glass jars exploded! We have two new little baby chicks living with us. Well, we have had them since they were 1 day old, and they are about 3 weeks now. Caillou named them Eunice and Mamoo. We spent a day with Boo-Bah today (my mama). Mama bought me some darling little fat quarters that I am very excited to create with. We had a yummy lunch, and Caillou and Jasper played at the park for a bit. This evening I went out with two missionaries from my church. We went to visit a man named Tim to see if he would like to learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Tim was drunk, had a shot gun, and a grudge against Mormons. It was a very, very interesting evening. Goodnight Y'all....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

pickle relish and pint sized furniture....

A week ago, I began building the boys a table and two chairs. I am happy to say that it is now finished. The boys love it, and are having lots of fun eating lunch at their little table, playing with playdough, and doing lots of reading and arts and crafts. I put many a coat of verathane on the table top, so it is very glossy, and cleans up very easily. I have been in a very homemaking, nesting, creative sort of mood lately. Okay, I am always in this mood, but I am actually getting things accomlished, so I am feeling quite pleased. This weekend I made homemade pickle relish. Now I am in quite the mood to do some more canning. I have a very large bowl of nectarines ripening, and getting ready to be canned. And I think I want to do some cinnamon spiced apples, and perhaps some blueberry pie filling. I sewed a skirt for myself this weekend, and began sewing two soft blue robes for the boys for wintertime. I am making them out of an old blue blanket from my childhood. Tonight Caillou helped me lay out the pattern pieces. He tried his best to be helpful. He handed me straight pins as I needed them, and threw scraps away for me. His favorite job was to take the pins out of the pattern pieces, after a piece had been cut, and stick the pins into the pincushion. It would have been much quicker, and a bit more relaxing if Caillou had not decided to be mommy's helper, but it was a sweet feeling to have my little one beside me helping me to make him something. All the while saying "I want to help mommy, I a weallly weallly goood boy." My pattern pieces are a bit more torn than usual, and the fabric is cut a bit jagged and crooked, but a lasting memory will be stitched into these little robes. I can hardly wait until the cold weather comes and I can wrap up my little guys, in bits of my old blue blanket.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Burgers and nudity....

Today, Caillou ran though Burger King stark naked. The wonderful Mr. Caillou is in the ever so delightful process of being potty trained. He is doing really good with keeping his diapers dry... he had just finished eating his slice of hershey pie and loudly announced " I need to go pee-pee" So we march onwards to the potty, and while he was doing his duty, I was rinsing out his shirt and shorts in the sink, which were covered in chocolate. Before I could get him into a fresh diaper and clean clothes, he took of at lighting speed, bare bottomed, wearing nothing but a smile and sneakers and ran throughout the burger king. A couple of teenage boys found it hillarious, announcing there was a streaker at burger king. And my mama and papa laughed wildly and Jasper clapped his hands. It was an interesting evening, one that brought a smile to everyone's face and laughter to everyones lips. My days are crazy, and usually never free of some form of chaos, but I love it. Whether it is the wild moments or the simple times, motherhood is the best! Trying and tiring, but more rewarding and wonderful than anything else I have yet to experience. P.S. During Caillou's naked running marathon, he was singing the theme song to "Bob the Builder" Have a wonderful evening, y'all!