Thursday, November 17, 2011

an announcement...

Well Gee whiz, I just blogged about the baby bug and not getting pregnant, and SURPRISE... turns out baby number 4 is on the way!  I am due in July... right around Jasper's  b-day.  I am going to enjoy these next few early weeks before the morning sickness attacks me!!!  I am feeling super happy about this, and Caillou is thrilled to bits.  He is very concerned about the baby, and says when he grows up he wants to be a doctor that takes the babies out of the mommy's tummies! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hello Hello! and an explanation....

Hello Hello! I have been pretty terrible at blogging this past year!  I am going to try to do better.
First I will begin with a wee bit of an explanation over my last post... Dear Anonymous...  If any of my other "Anonymous followers or commenters" had the thought while reading the post " who is she talking about?" rest assured you are not "anonymous" at least not the "anonymous" in which I am referring to.  I have had a somewhat creepy person from my past, stalking my blog leaving anonymous comments that I do not publish.  I felt the need to send a little note to "Anonymous" just so they would know I am aware that I am being blog stalked and don't appreciate it!  That being said, all other anonymous friends please do leave your kind comments, because they truly do brighten my day!  Ok Now, let us move on from that craziness and onto better things!  We had picture day at preschool!  I thought the boys looke quite dapper in their cheery outfits.  Jasper was a little grumpy about getting his picture taken before school, but Caillou and Jasper both had darling smiles for their school picture.  After looking at these pictures, I do see that the boys attire may slightly resemble Kurt's from the t.v. show Glee.  Oh well they are only 3 and 4, and they look darling to me!

My mama and papa came up to our little town, and did a lovely makeover to the boys bedroom!  We took apart the bunk bed, put little froggie and turtle stickers on the walls, and made up their new beds.  They were quite thrilled when they came home from school to discover their new room!  They were so excited to go to sleep in their new beds, that they went to bed at 5:30!!!!

Here is Jasper with a treasure map that the "Candy Fairy" left him....

and here the boys are examining some "pixie dust" left by the "Candy Fairy"

They followed their treasure map, and a trail of pixie dust down two blocks of main street, until they came upon the X.  Sneaky Fairy hid the treasure in our town's taco shop supply closet!  The boys were thrilled with the adventure and the little toys the fairy left for them.
Yes I did indeed look the part of town weirdo, walking down two blocks of main street, armed with large quantities of glitter, sprinkling a heavy sprinkling of sparkles behind me leading up to that X.  But the excitement in my boys eyes as they went on their treasure hunt, was worth the multiple weird looks given to me, and the questions of "what are you doing" asked by strangers.
In Other news We are trying for Baby #4. With not much success.  I am having a hard time understanding why I am having difficulty getting pregnant, when it was so easy to conceive Caillou, Jasper, and Ollie.  This was something that I was hesitant to share on here, but I have never been one to keep much to mysef anyway,so here I go again with my heart on my sleeve.  It was scary at first for me, wanting baby number 4.  Especially considering how terribly depressed I was 8 months ago, and how long it took me to recover from what Effexor did to me.  But having a large family is something I have wanted for a long time.  So I am working on pushing aside those fears, and allowing myself to return to me, and part of me, is wanting to create my little family and add to it.  It was scary to think about wanting another baby too, because I have a great deal of difficulties with my dear Caillou.  We have PCIT therapy weekly, frequent visits with our therapist, a time consuming schedule integrating a sensory diet into his daily routine, and well raising a child with ADHD is tough.  Add to it, 2 more little boys, all under the age of 5... people are right when they say "you've got your hands full"  I do have my hands full, more than full at times, but I still have room in my heart.  Room for one more, or two or three, ha ha!  Which makes it so hard... that I am not getting pregnant!   Then again, with a husband that is only home at best 5 days out of every month... it does make it a bit difficult to conceive!   Grrr.... 
In other news... I held my first PTA meeting as president.  I was really nervous at first, but then it just came naturally to me.  I accredit it to my years of performing and teaching dance, it helped in me to be in a position of taking charge.  I loved it!!!  In my first meeting I organized a fall festival for the preschool, and a family night in December.  I also got the potluck BAN lifted!!!  There will be a baked goods table at the family night, which I of course plan to dazzle the parents with my homemade chocolate balls, cookies, and other goodies.  I am sooo in my element here!  I love it!  We handled lots of other business, and then it was suggested that each child receive a pumpkin at the fall festival.  Which I eagerly agreed to provide!  Where as I was then reminded by the site supervisor, that ther are a total of 74 children in attendance.  I blushed bright red for a moment, realizing I had volunteered myself to do something way out of my financial means, and probably out of my mind!  But you know what.... that next day... I delivered not 74 but 84 pumpkins to the preschool!  I was covered in dirt, my arms were sore, and my car and the missionaries car looked as if it had been attacked by an alien invasion of large orange pumpkins, but it was awesome!!! I felt so proud of myself.  Typically I don't like to toot my own horn, but it was not too long ago that I could not even get myself out of bed, and now I am doing things, I am getting stuff done, and I am so HAPPY about it!!!!  I am having ridiculous adventures again, I am getting up out of bed, now I may not brush my hair, and I may have been mistaken as a homeless person on laundry day, ( that is a whole different story to blog about) but I am getting up and getting things done, and enjoying my CRAZY, WILD, INSANELY LOVELY children!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Dear ANONYMOUS.... you know who you are.... please stop leaving comments on my blog, because I KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Thank you very sincerely much