Saturday, April 4, 2009

Funny Farm...

Okay, so growing a garden and tending animals doesn't seem to go so well together. My critters do not stay in their designated area of the The Little Hillbilly Farm! The chickens dig up all my seeds, and the goats eat anything that the chickens missed digging up, and the duck runs wildly in circles encouraging all the mischief! And if by the grace of God, a bit of luck, and a wish on a dandelion granted to come true, something actually survives the seed / sprout stage, along comes farmer Caillou, and his toddler hands pluck the precious little bit of green right out of the ground, as he smiles at me and says "Mommy, helper, me helper!" I am working on finding a way to protect the garden but at the same time give the critters free run of the place, something tells me my garden has a gloomy future!


  1. oh no! I am feeling your pain! The dogs have starting stealing blueberry branches and eating them. I have got my own lil goats! Hope u had a good day!

  2. Hi Ashley,"Garden Woes"...I have had them before...I pray the Lord will bless yours good,and you reap much from it.....
    Have a blessed Lord's day,Shelley


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