Tuesday, October 4, 2011

super busy and.... EXCITING NEWS!!!!

Wow! It has been super crazy around here!  Caillou and Jasper are both in morning preschool now.  Jasper is now in tumbling class, tap dance, and creative movement.  Caillou is about to begin ice skating.  Ollie is walking like crazy!  I am back to teaching dance again at the dance studio.  I've got my happy back!  Days are still crazy, and I of course feel overwhelmed and frustrated a lot, but  I am doing much better with my depression.  I get scared, because I know it is a chemical imbalance thing, and I could have a relapse at any time, but I am trying to not worry to much and just enjoy that I am once again actually able to feel feelings of enjoyment, and happiness.  After all it was just 6 months ago today, that I was in the hospital ready to end it all... I THINK I HAVE COME A LONG WAY!   We are enjoying readying ourselves for the holiday season!!!! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Caillou's 5th birthday!!! and of course CHRISTMAS!!!!  We had a lovely trip to our town's pumpkin patch this weekend, the first of many trips I am sure!!!  Today Jasper and I decorated the house, and on thursday we are making pumpkin pie!  AND NOW FOR AN ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!    tonight I got some great news!!!
I am officially the preschool PTA president! (bet you thought I was going to announce baby number 4 huh!)  I am super duper excited to be PTA president and can't wait to be more involved in my boy's preschooling!  Well that is all for now!  I promise to post pics soon!!