Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jasper's third birthday

This past weekend my sweet Jasper turned 3.  As with each birthday, I always find it hard to believe that yet another year has passed, and marvel at how big and smart and funny my boys are growing to be.  Jasper's special day began with a breakfast out, and a trip to the park.  Family and friends came over and we had a little party.  Jasper took a whack at his first pinata, ripped through his presents with much excitement and glee, and ate cake like a sugar crazed mad man.  It was a good day enjoyed by all. 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th of July...

This picture was from last years fourth of July, looking back on old pictures makes me so sad to see how big my boys are growing, I wish I could keep them little forever, I really do.  Caillou is 4, Jasper is soon to be 3, and Ollie is 14 months now.  Tomorrow will be another holiday without daddy, he is on the road again, trucking.  Tomorrow we are going to attempt going to our church's big pancake breakfast.  I do this fullly aware, that catastrophe will be upon us, or upon those around us.  3 less than wonderfully behaved boys, a large crowd, pancakes and a vast quanitites of syrup... THERE IS BOUND TO BE TROUBLE.  Other parents allow their kids to run free and have fun, I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE PARENTS, running free means my children might be found HANGING FROM THE FLAG POLE, or ON TOP OF THE ROOF, or perhaps COVERED IN MAPLE SYRUP AND PANCAKE BATTER.  So I will do my best to say in my gruffest voice, SIT DOWN AND STAY SEATED, and pray, and hope, and cross my fingers, that they might actually listen. HUH, WHO AM I KIDDING.  Perhaps I shall bring along a roll of duct tape as my breakfast guest, that might keep them in their chairs.  And after that, if I am not dead, or in some sort of WHY DID I BRING MY NAUGHTY BOYS TO THIS sort of stupor, I am going to take them to Old Poway Park for an old fashioned 4th of July event.  Crafts, cotton candy, hot dogs, and old fashioned festivities, once again ANOTHER LARGE CROWD, this time with red white and blue glitter, glue, cotton candy, and a train.... OH DEAR ME.  If we all survive the morning events, we will come home to the roast beef in my crockpot and have barbecue beef sandwhiches that we will share with our neighbors.  Hopefully they will enjoy it,  because my kids never eat what I cook,  while I blog, they are doing all they can to get out of eating their spaghetti, well... Jasper is eating a meat ball! YaY for Jasper!!!  Where we will watch fireworks I am not sure, I do  not know I want to brave another crowd, so we may just cross our fingers and hope we have a good view from our house.  HAVE A HAPPY 4TH EVERYONE!