Monday, April 6, 2009

Earlier today I posted a poem that I enjoy... after my intersting day today, I decided to right a similar poem of my own....

Mommy's gone crazy,
yes crazy... It's true...
Mommy's gone crazy from all the things I must do

I wake up at dawn, to jumping on the bed,
get little sleep at night because baby must be fed,

I wakes up quite weary, and tired, and mad,
the room is a mess, and the kids smell quite bad,

there's poop in the diapers, and no wipes are in sight,
the goats baa for breakfast, and the boys start to fight.

I warm up a bottle and clean dirty hineys,
the goats drink their milk while the kids are being whiney.

I whip up some hot cakes, sweep feathers off the floor,
scrub up some dishes, and chase chickens out the back door.
I speedily set the table, and we say our Amen,
I swallow my Prozac, and wait for food throwing to begin.
The baby is sticky, the table's a mess,
Elmo's World is playing, and I need to get dressed.
I water the flowers, and clean out the coop,
and change the ducks water that looks like pea soup.
I re-sweep my floor, and make up the bed,
do some more dishes, and get the animals fed.
We read a few stories and sing a new song
build tall block towers, and explain right from wrong.
Baby goes nigh nigh, away in his bed,
while the duck is thrown from tree house and lands on his head.
Toddler's on timeout, and duck runs away,
How many more hours are left in this day?
There's screaming, and chaos, and tantrums galore,
Biting, and kicking, and slamming of doors.
Lunch is approaching, and fast food sounds good,
but the bank account's empty, so I do as I should.
I trudge into the kitchen, and sandwhiches I make,
and lay out some butter for the cookies I will bake.
Rowdy old toddler goes down for his nap,
I bake up those cookies, and bounce baby on my lap
I scrub down the walls, and mop up the floor,
Caillou wakes up and lets the goats through the door.
Mommy is tired and feels quite the grouch,
I go to sit down and there's goat poop on the couch!
We go outside and play on the swing,
and watch as the chickens dig up everything.
Finally, at last I get a chance to pee,
I look at my watch and see that it's Three.
Dinner's approaching, what will I make,
Somebody just take me to the Taco Shop for Heaven's sake.
Bedtime is nearing, I really can't wait,
once the kids are in bed I sew really late.
There's a flood in the bathroom, and the toilet won't flush,
the toddler keeps screaming no matter how much I shush!!
The children are sparkling and ready for bed,
thank God! one more hour and I would probably be dead.
I do a little sewing and plant some more seeds,
'scrapbook, and blog, and the scriptures I read.
Then I hop into bed to try to conceive number three...
Don't ask me why, I'm crazy you see.
I just close my eyes, and burrow into the bed,
'and baby wakes up, ready to be fed!
Goodnight! I hope you all enjoy my crazy life....


  1. I get tired just reading this poem! Nice work. Cindy

  2. Yes, your day is chaotic! But if it wasn't it wouldn't be so much fun! Lol!

  3. Someday you will look back on these trying days and you will wish for them back. Your babies will be grown and your arms will be empty, waiting to be filled with grandbabies. With the number of children you want, I think there will be no shortage of grandbabies to make your life as interesting then as now.

    Boo-Bah AKA your Mama

  4. Hi Ashly,your poem is so cute and I am sure it relieved a little stress from you writing so reminds me of my DD Regina,she has twin boys,and her life was so busy when they were babes. She is also an animal lover,and has always had some around the home...

    Her boys are now 13,and she is still quite a busy Mom,but she can look back on those toddler days and remember very well many,just like the ones you are living now...
    I admire her so much for the great Mom she is...she used cloth diapers on her babys,and I can remembering seeing all those diapers blowing in the wind when hung up to dry.....
    She planted flowers and srubs and made her yard so pretty...believe me though there were days and still are,when she could yank her own hair out! I think all mothers have those days,I know I have...(smile),but I wouldn't take for them now......

    Have a blessed weekend......Shelley
    If you would like to visit Regina,you can click on her link(SIMPLE IS SIMPLE DOES) under my favorite places to visit on my side bar......

  5. Hi, THis is Regina from simple is simple does...Love your poem, I remember days like that...I still have though days today..LOL I love your blog, I would say it one of my favorites..God Bless..


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