Sunday, November 9, 2008

Two peas in a pod...

I have said it a zillion times, and I am going to say it again... I LOVE MY BABY BOYS!
Caillou and Jasper are becoming closer every day.  Caillou has been such a good little boy accepting sweet little Jasper into our home.  He has made the transition from being the baby of the house to being the little man around here superbly! He really loves his brother and it is such a wonderful relationship to watch grow.  The other day, Jasper was coughing and Caillou came running to help his little brother.  Caillou had such concern and worry in his eyes for his little brother.  Today they played in the kitchen while I made Caillou's favorite mini meatloaves.  Jasper laid on a quilt, and Caillou dragged it around giving him a ride across the house, they both laughed and smiled at each other.  Caillou rolled Jasper up in the blanket like a burrito and then unrolled him, rolled, unrolled,  again and again,  both boys giggling all the while!  I can just picture them playing about a year from now!  Oh the trouble they will get into.  Jasper is still very mellow and relaxed in comparison to Caillou, however I see a little mischief brewing in the little guy every now and then.

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