Friday, November 7, 2008


I am mischief wearing a smile....
I am a tornado with two little feet,
I am noisy and loud, rowdy and proud,
but momma says I'm precious and sweet!
I am the reason that momma's so tired
and has bite marks up and down both her arms...
I spit out most my food,  get into angry moods,
I stomp and I scream, and I throw many things
but momma just hugs me and sings.
She sings to me songs of I love you's, 
She tells me to try to be good,
 I wiggle and squirm, and don't do what I should,
but momma still loves me anyway!


  1. Describes him perfectly! So sweet, well sometimes, hehe!!!

  2. You can just see the twinkles in his eyes as he thinks of what he can do next.

  3. Did you write that, Ashley? Either way it's wonderful.


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