Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Emancipation of a Crawdad...

A couple of weeks ago we got a new pet... Bubba the crawfish.  Well, Bubba turned out to be a rather dirty, foul smelling creature.  Every other day the water in his tank would be brown, and stink of sewage.  Today I decided that Bubba would be happier in the wild, and I would be happier not scrubbing the tank every few days.  Caillou, Jasper, Bubba, and I traveled by stroller to Bubba's new home.  We were stopped briefly by the sign above, but since neither Caillou, nor Jasper, or Bubba could read what it said, I decided why spoil the fun.....
We were quite ceremoniously greeted by dozens of ducks who led the way to Bubba's new home
   Here is where are dear friend Bubba resides, in the pond behind the grocery store full of    homeless ducks and friendly abandoned cows in the pasture behind.  We will be back again       tomorrow to visit our new friends at the pond.


  1. I could think of several things I would like to be emancipated from. Can you guess??
    Getting back to Bubba, bless his little soul. I am sure he is in a ducks tummy by now. Maybe he is on his way to crawdad heaven.


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