Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

With Daddy being on the road this year, we decided to go to Grandma's to celebrate Halloween.  Caillou wore the cat costume I made for him, he was Mr. Sunshine, Grandma Boo-Bah's beloved maine coone cat.  Jasper was his adorable self, dressed up in a super festive, comfy outfit, and a puppy hat.  We went trick or treating at the mall.  It was very nice... well lit, mostly other little kids, and not too many scary costumes to spook the kiddies!  We spent the night at a hotel with Grandma Boo-Bah and Grammy for a special Halloween sleepover.  There wasn't much sleep involve, but it was fun.... however I don't think Caillou is quite ready for sleepovers yet!  Or perhaps the sleepovers just aren't ready for wild Caillou!


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