Friday, November 28, 2008

My little house on the prairie home...

We are no longer backyardless!  In fact we have an abundance of dirt, rocks, grass, and trees to have fun in!  We have been moving into our new little home, which I have been calling "my little house on the prairie home."  The inside of the house is pretty well set, with the exception of hanging pictures and finding a spot for my deep freezer, which houses meat I don't cook, and cookies that don't stay in there long enough to get frozen!  Today, the boys and I took a break from working on the inside of the house and moved some rocks!  We have lots of small rocks and gravel in our backyard.  We are moving the rocks to make room for our great big fruit and veggie garden, chicken coop, swing set, and clothesline, and putting the rocks to better use by making a little old country driveway.  We moved 4 red wagons full of rocks today!  We will be back out tomorrow working on our little hillbilly farm!

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