Saturday, February 27, 2010

A quilt for Ollie made from fabric from my mama, and the colorful quilt I made from a $1 sheet I found at the thrift store. I can't even tell you how much I love the bright, cheery fabric. This fabric just makes me so happy. I dream of finding more of it and making many many things.

Building towers
and painting little dinosaurs that my friend Kim from Camp Whimsy sent to Caillou.

Bathtime cutie pie!

My voice is coming back, raspy and weak, but quite the improvement from my silence. Nights are pretty terrible, I cough and cough, and if the coughing doesn't get me, my heartburn does. Sooo, I have been a night owl, avoiding bedtime, and crafting the night away. Tonight I made a batch of homemade marshmallows, the boys will be so excited tomorrow! Then I sewed two reversible aprons/smocks for the boys. One side is big orange and white polka dots and the other side has trees and birds and owls. I will take a picture and post them soon! Monday I go to the doctor to check on my asthma, and I am pretty sure I will be getting some more prescriptions. On Monday, I will also pick up some fabric my mama bought and pre-washed for me.... more projects hooray! My fabric stash is starting to dwindle, and as often as my Mama adds a yard and a few fat quarters here and there too it, it is dwindling down, I am happy that all my cute fabrics are being made into things, but at the same time it is hard to see my pile of pretty colors and prints shrink. Right now I am crazy over all the 1930's style fabrics, polka dots, and 1960's-1970's floral bed linens. I have gotten into the habit of going onto Flickr and other crafty blogs, and boy oh boy.... I have fabric envy. It is a good thing I don't have a credit card, I could do some serious shopping online. I suppose if I did have a credit card, it would be wiser to use it for rent than fabric, but a girl can day dream, and anywho I do not have a credit card, so that is that! Tomorrow is Sunday, if tonight is a better night than the last few have been, hopefully I will make it to church. I am fixing a special dinner for the boys tomorrow mid-day. Today Caillou asked if we could eat at the "Chicken Bucket Store" this is what he calls Kentucky Fried Chicken. He was quite blue when I told him mommy didn't have the "money's" for the "Chicken Bucket Store" soooo.... tomorrow we are having our own "Chicken Bucket Store" dinner here at home. I am going to batter and fry up some cut up chicken breasts, make mashed potatoes and gravy, and Amish biscuits.... and I have two little metal buckets laid out to serve the chicken and biscuits in! Well, as much as I am dreading the heartburn and coughing spells, I think I am going to head off to bed. Thank you so much everyone for all your kind and thoughtful comments, from those I know and from all my "anonymous" bloggy pals. It means a lot to know I have friends out there thinking of me and enjoying my little corner of blogland. Good night!


  1. I love those quilts Ashley....I do pray you will be feeling better very soon...your meal sounds wonderful and how sweet to serve your little ones in their own special buckets...what memories you are making for your babies....bless you sweetie....

  2. Gorgeous quilts.

    If I lived any closer than, well, Ontario Canada, I would be trying to finagle a dinner invitation. It all sounds delicious.

    I am a theology student and spend a fair bit of time on my computer writing papers. Blog breaks are my treat when I need to give my head a moment to think of other, less serious matters. I follow about three blogs off and on. Yours, by far, is my favourite.

    Do try to rest. I too am the mother of three boys. It is going to just get BUSIER for you.

    Hope your breathing settles down.

    Daisy in Ontario

  3. I enjoyed reading your post..You make everything sound so exciting...If I lived close to you and your family..I would come and visit you..God bless to you and your family..Keep posting you brighten of my day..

  4. I love your blog. What a beautiful family!


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