Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cat's got my tongue...

It has been an interesting week. I got sick on Saturday with the cold bug, turned into an icky cough, and have lost my voice completely. 3 days of nothing but un-understandable hoarse, raspy whispers coming from me. The boys find my voiceless state to be quite amusing. I feel a bit helpless, Caillou and Jasper running circles around me, getting into the fridge, sneaking candy...leaving wrappers everywhere, jumping on the bed, running, running, screaming, more running, and I am silent, chasing...frantically trying to keep them somewhat calm and behaved. Today I was in the hospital, my asthma was giving me a good deal of trouble with all the coughing I have been doing. I came home this evening with a breathing machine and an inhaler. I sat once again silent, taking my breathing machine, while the boys wiggled and romped all over me, pulling tubes, playing with extra oxygen masks, listening for my heartbeat with their play stethiscope, putting odd things including their mouth, fingers, and a chicken nugget in my breathing machine. And as chaotic as it has been, it is perfect. Perhaps this mama's voice needed a rest from the do this and don't do thats. It has been a time for me to sit back and just listen and watch my two funny little monsters do what they do best, be silly little kids. I can't wait till my voice comes back to be able to give them dozens of "I love you's" and to tell them just how wonderful I think they are.


  1. Cute pictures Ashley! I hope you feel better very soon. If you need anything let me know. My family always cracks up when I misplace my voice.

  2. Funny. I hope you do get better soon though.

  3. I hope you feel better soon.

    Do you have someone who can help you out with the little ones for a bit so that you can heal and rest?

    I have a fairly medically complex son and he has breathing issues as well so I know how they can sap one's strength and energy.

    Thinking of you.

    Daisy in Ontario


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