Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mama's little sunshines....

Life with little boys..... is full of adventures, snuggles, laughter, mud, sand, bugs, sticks and leaves, sloppy kisses, sticky hands, messes, lots of messes, smiles, silly noises, trains, airplanes, dinosaurs, boogers, I love you's, hand holding, and hugs. Life with little boys is pretty amazing. Tiring, frustrating at times, like when you just can't convince them that the toilet brush is not a tooth brush, nor is it to be used for brushing mommy's hair, and it is also not to be used as a dancing partner, but frustrations aside, life with my boys is pretty awesome. Everything is an adventure. Whether it be a nature walk, or a picnic, or a trip to the laundromat, or a day out at the farmers market searching for the perfect tomato and enjoying smelling the pretty flowers. I am so happy to have these two little boys to make my life an adventure. No matter how tough life is, these boys make everything sunshine and smiles and happy and bright. They are like my light at the end of a dark tunnel, no matter how crummy everything else is, they are my focus, my saving grace, they are my whole world. They truly are their Mama's little sunshines. I can't wait for my little Ollie to get here in May and share in our adventures and merry making.


  1. Wonderful photos! So much fun are children. Hope you are feeling well.

  2. Everyday is a true adventure with such little ones but,just wait until they are J.W. will be 18 in June....he still has one more year of school then he is headed straight for the Marines.....thats been his plan since he was about twelve....enjoy your babies Ashley...they do grow up so fast....
    I love all these sweet pictures....I have been able to watch them grow through your blog...they are such precious little boys....blessings to all of you....

  3. Ashley, could you email me your address? I have something I would love to send you :)

  4. Love your post..My boys are now 14 years old..I love kids.. They are a true adventure..And so much fun to be around...The floers are sp pretty..and the tamotes look so yummy..So good with salt and pepper..


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