Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our life in pictures.....and words

The Valentine's mailboxes we made!

picnics and playtime

homemade sweeties

A cajun crawfish boil for the boys

The Crawfish Parade...

panning for gold and pumping water


new yarns from my mama for another baby blankie
another baby blankie in the works

a new dress
and a blouse I made for myself
homemade chilli and cornbread Caillou helped me make

mama-made fitted crib sheets and a blankie for Ollie

handmade basket liner's for the basket to hold Ollie's clothes

homemade kimonos

little somethings for above the crib

a little Valentine's sweeties early...

With each post I write, I promise myself that I will be better at posting more often. Yet here I am again, and a whole week has slipped by without so much as a single post, picture, or update. Since my last post, we went to a free museum our church just recently finished in Old Town, the boys loved it, it was very interactive and exciting and at the end of the tour they panned for gold! We have had a picnic at the park, and the boy's first crawfish boil. I have been sewing, crocheting, and putting seeds out in the garden. I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday. Afterwards my mama took us all to the McDonald's with the indoor playground. When it was time to leave, Caillou had other plans, and I in my 7 months pregnant figure had to climb and wiggle through the sky tubes and world's longest, most horribe twisty slide with 4 unknown germy noisy children on top of me, Caillou of course bolted out of the playground as soon as I got far enough into the germy maze to not be able to get out fast enough to catch him. It was a long afternoon of wild behavior and "bathroom" talk from Caillou. I was exasperated to say the least. Yet now I can't help but giggle thinking about it.

Jasper's ear infection is getting much better, however we all caught something nasty from the germ vat otherwise known as Urgent Care. My poor boys cough and cough all day and all night long. Jasper is still on his amoxcicillin and they are both taking their asthma breathing treatments. Tomorrow we were scheduled for our 3 year old and 18 month check-ups and shots, however as it turns out, it will be more of a sick visit. Right now they are huddled up on the couch together, freshly bathed, warm and snuggly in clean jammies, tummies full of chicken noodle soup, taking turns with the asthma machine... watching a 1970's Sesame Street Episode.

We have not been able to accomplish too many of our Valentine's plans yet. We made some lemon sunshine cupcakes on monday, and yesterday we made our Valentine's Day mail boxes... a doggy one for Jasper and a frog for Caillou, we still have our Valentine's to make to fill our mail boxes. On Sunday they will bring their mail boxes with them to their Nursery Class and Sunbeams class and pass out some goodies to their friends. It is so exciting to me as a mama to help prepare special little goodies for my boys and to see them grow and start making friendships. Caillou and Jasper have become the best of friends, it is quite endearing and heart melting to see big brother hold little brother's hand, to see big brother worry and fret about little brother when he coughs or cries or is out of his sight on the Mc Donald's playground. It is adorbale to see the two of them snuggle together and hug each other, and to hear Caillou tell Jasper " I love you" . Today Caillou was feeling pretty sicky and crying, and sweet little 18 month old Jasper came over and rubbed Caillou's back.

I wish I had some good news to report concerning the job hunt/ keeping our home situation, but a job still has not been found. My mama was our miracle this month and saved us from eviction. We have $20 to our name, bills due and rent approaching again. We will however be receiving a $900 tax return, so that will definitely help. I just keep hoping that a job is around the corner and that all will work out. I truly appreciate everyone's sweet comments, prayers, and hopes and wishes for our happiness. It is comforting to know I have sweet friends out there who worry along with me and care about my little family.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend full of love and smiles and sweets!


  1. I really enjoyed this post. The pictures are great and the image i got of you trying to wiggle your way through that slide made me smile. It's been six years since I was pregnant last and I had my share of adventures. Thinking about it makes me wish.....

  2. Boy you have been busy!! What fun projects! Sorry to hear about being sick, we've been sick with one thing after another since Christmas. Yuck! I still have Christmas presents to finish making and sending. Ooops! Time to get busy! Hope that your hubby finds a good job soon and the little hillbilly farm lives on! X and O!

  3. I loved catching up with all your have been quite busy...I am still praying that job will come soon....God bless your dear mama...she is an angel....take care and I pray the boys will be well soon...a very happy Valentines to you all....

  4. Wow you have been 7 months I had no energy. I am so glad you are able to keep your home...I have been praying for you and your dear family. You will see how the Lord will provide so that next month won't be as stressful. Take care.


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