Thursday, February 4, 2010

Silly Boy...

Yesterday while Jasper was napping, Caillou and I went out into the yard to work on our little garden. Caillou did not care to wear pants yesterday, so out into the yard we went in a thermal shirt, a pair of underwear or as he calls them Wee-wear, and his cowboy boots. For some reason he decided his underwear was best worn around his knees, and decided to run around, search for worms, and dig in the garden this way for nearly an hour. He is such a silly boy... I just adore him! Tomorrow my boys and I are going to get out in the dirt some more. We have some strawberry plants from my mama to put into the ground, and some nasturtium seeds. I have decided to work on my little garden and have faith that we will be able to keep our little home and see our seeds sprout and enjoy picking fruits and veggies from our little plot. I cannot lose our little home, I just can't. Perhaps it is naive and foolish of me to feel this way when there is no prospects of paying the bills, but I just can't bear to lose our little home. The landlords will have to drag me out kicking and screaming. This is the home my boys love, it is the home we are making memories in, and we have nowhere else to go, I just have to believe that we will find a way to keep our little home. No we don't own it, yes it is very tiny, cold in the winter, and rickety and old, but it is home. So.... tomorrow we are going to dig around in the little yard that surrounds our home and plant some seeds. And who knows, maybe Caillou will even wear pants!


  1. That picture is just too precious!! As my Grandmother always said, "God will provide."

  2. I stumbled on your blog a few months ago and now quietly lurk to make sure you and your boys okay. I worry about your ability to pay the rent each month and I am relieved when it all works out.

    As the mother of three boys (who are now older..9, 11, 13) I can relate to so much of what you write about and I love to see your pictures.

    Your firm commitment to finding joy even when the situation seems overwhelming is inspirational. Thanks for inviting us into your life and sharing.

    Daisy in Ontario

  3. ps - I am praying for you and your family.


  4. Oh,to be a little child with no worries no concerns,just that child like faith,ever present.
    To work in your garden (bare but and all)lol....with not a care in the world....for tomorrow...was God's intention from the beginning.I am still praying for you and your little family....that job is on it's Jesus name....


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