Monday, March 2, 2009

Goats and geese...

I am looking to add another member to our little family. Another baby would suit me just fine, but at the moment I am considering something with fur. A goat! The search is on... me and the boys will do anything we can to get some goat money... mow lawns, collect cans, scrub toilets... you name it! We are saving up $100 for a goat! We can't wait! Besides dreamily thinking of our new little goat friend that we will have soon, today we went out on adventures.... our adventures included feeding ducks at a lake... where I was viciously bitten by two very large geese that did not fancy me trying to pick them up for a cuddle. Oh well, can't blame me for trying. They were just sooooo cute.


  1. You know sometimes geese can just be crabby. :)

  2. ooh ooh, goats are good. goats milk, goat cheese, they mow your lawn. I would get a goat!

  3. I have never ever thought about trying to cuddle geese.
    I hope you will get your goat soon.
    I am guilty of cuddling our kittens to much.
    I can not cuddle our dog she is too big.
    God Bless,


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