Sunday, March 29, 2009


In an earlier post, I spoke of the naptime battles that occur around here on a daily basis. Well, I am quite pleased to say, I have won the war! How did I do it?? Well, wimpy mama went away, I put on my supermom cape, donned my sheriff's badge, and put into use my stern autoritarion voice. Jasper takes his morning nap around 9:30 and they both go down for afternoon nap around 1:30. Caillou has found a new nap spot that he is quite fond of... he peacefully slumbers in our hammock between the two shade trees out front. After lunch he actually is excited to go lay in the hammock! I have sweetened the deal with a treat as well. Caillou knows that if he takes his nap like a good boy, he can get a sweety from the ice cream man, or a homemade cookie or cupcake from mama. One day last week, as soon as he woke up from his nap, he ran inside the house, grabbed a dollar from his treat fund, pulled up his little chair by the front gate, and sat and waited for the ice cream man for 45 minutes! Sunday naps are a bit more tricky, due to our church schedule being 1-4 pm. So, Caillou naps at 11:30 and Jasper takes his afternoon snooze during church snuggled in my arms. Bedtime got bumped to 7:30, this always happens during daylight savings time, however, Jasper is usually passed out before this time, and Caillou is still protesting bedtime sometimes until 9... but I won the nap battle, I can win this one too! Now, if only I can tame those biting teeth of his!


  1. Hooray!!! The Sheriff is back in town.
    I love the way you have your blog set up now. Especially the picture of Caillou in your header.



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