Saturday, March 21, 2009

Babies... no greater gift

Tonight I cannot contain my feelings for motherhood and the blessings in my life, my dear sweet Caillou and my precious baby Jasper. I am so thankful to be the mother of two healthy, living, breathing, smiling, baby boys. I am so thankful to have had each and every moment that I have had with them, and am so thankful that I have their whole childhood ahead and a bright future to look forward to with them. I am thankful for the smiles, and laughter, and hugs, and sticky kisses. I am thankful for skinned knees, stained t-shirts, and muddy handprints on my walls. I am thankful for the adventures, snuggles, storybook reading, bedtime kisses, "wake up mommy" bounces on the bed. I am even thankful for the tantrums, and chaos, and wild misbehaviours. I am thankful for every moment of motherhood and all that it entails. My life is my children. They are my all and all, my everything. There is no greater gift than a child, no sweeter sound than the first cries of a newly born baby, no reward greater than first smile, first laugh, first time hearing "mama" sweetly spoken, no greater love can be found than that in the embrace between mother and child. I firmly believe that there is no more noble of a calling for women than that of motherhood. To be able to partner with our Father in Heaven in bringing a life into this world, nurture, love, and teach that life, there is nothing more important than that. I pray that more women will realize the importance of their children, and the importance of their role in their children's lives. I am proud to be part of a church that recognizes the importance of family and the importance of a mother being at home with their children. I am thankful to be part of a church that teaches it's men to to do all in their power to ensure that the mother stays in the home. I am thankful that even during our toughest times financially, I know that I am doing my part, I know that I am exactly where God wants me to be, I am at home with my children. My job isn't to bring home the bacon, my job is to fry it!!! I love my children with all my heart, and know that with each blessing God gives me, my heart and love will grow. My adult life has been full of ups and downs, tears, hopes, and prayers, I do not know what the future will bring me, there is so much that is out of my hands, but I am going to do all that I can do to make my home a happy home, a house of peace, happiness and hope. I am going to work hard to love not as the way the world loves but love with the pure love of Christ. I will do all in my power to teach my boys to love, to love God, to love others, and to do good with their lives. I am so thankful to be a mama. All right, I will stop rambling now, I have chocolate to eat!


  1. Wonderful heartfelt post,and so true....I was blessed to be a SAH Mom to all four of my children. Treasure the adventures with your little ones......have a blessed Lord's day....Shelley

  2. What a touching post. You are so uplifting and have a great thankful attitude!

  3. I love that picture above! I think it is an awesome picture!


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