Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yard work...

Today was another busy day out in the yard. My yard, and the neighbor ladies.... There is an older woman who lives on the corner, she has a pretty good sized yard, and grass about waist high. She has been trying to tackle it with a little hand held weed eater, but it just wasn't working. I walked across the street, wearing my flowered galoshes, pushing my lawnmower from papa, and decided to tackle her yard. It took 2 hours, 2 gallons of gas, and refilling the oil twice, but she now has a very nicely mowed lawn, front yard, backyard, and side yards! She was very happy. Caillou pushed his little bubble lawnmower the whole time in our front yard and waved to me through the fence while Daddy supervised him. In my yard today I raked bark to other destinations, dug up ivy, moved rocks, re-planted ivy, took down little fences, put back up little fences, planted more grass seed, watered flowers, pulled weeds, cleaned out the chicken coops, and mowed the lawn. It is so much fun having a yard. When I lived in the apartments, I never wanted to be home, I always felt like I needed to escape. We would go on outings, usually to somewhere with a garden, a petting zoo of goats, or a fabric store, and it was great, until we turned the corner off Main street and headed towards the apartments. When our apartments came into view...I always felt half like yelling bad words, half like crying, and a lot like I was going to throw up! I really couldn't stand those apartments. Perhaps it was the trudging upstairs with a toddler, pregnant belly, and 90 pounds of potting soil ( apartment farming doesn't work well) and bags of groceries. Perhaps it was the ambulance that came weekly to pick up Sunny's boyfriend after she beat him up, or maybe it was the knife fights, screaming gangsters, or the big drug deal shoot out. Well, whatever it was, I am so thankful to be out of those apartments. I love my little home. I am so content being at home now. I can't ever imagine leaving this little place. How I will fit a dozen kids in here, I have no idea. But for now, this is my perfect little home, and I have no intentions of ever leaving.


  1. Hope yesterday was a good day. Did you eat any of the Gumbo?
    How are the lttle chickens, the big duck and are any of the cats still around?

    Kimberly's bunny is quite big and really beautiful.

    I bet Charolotte is happy to have the lawn mowed. I just hope you didn't burn the motor up.

    It is almost hot today, don't you think?

    Hope you have a good day today. Whats cooking in your kitchen?

    Mr. Picky,(your papa) just doesn't eat much and I am so tired of throwing out what we don't eat.
    My dinner of choice would be two Reeses Peanut Butter cups, 1 Wedekings brownie and some vanilla ice cream to soothe the inevitable heartburn that I would experience.

    Boo-Bah AKA your Mama

  2. I wish we had a yard I could mow! Yours is looking darling! Perhaps you can give me some pointers on how to actually grow something and keep it alive..the latter being more important. LOL. It was great to meet you tonight! I'll definitely be stopping by your blog more often!


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