Friday, March 6, 2009

New adventures...

Our week began with Daddy's baptism on Saturday. It was a long awaited for day. The boys wore their new bow ties for the special day.

Jasper had his first playdate! It was a very fun and special day for him.

We started our own 4-H future farmers club!

Had a campfire in the back yard and ate yummy smores.

And Jasper discovered a food he finally likes. Gerber puffies!


  1. What kind of church do you go to? That is wonderful to get baptised. I was baptised as a Catholic when born, then became a born again christian years later and got the full immersion baptism.
    Your kids are so sweet! Nothing like kids to make one happy. Have a good weekend. Cindy

  2. Jasper looks great wearing the new food he likes! Love the picture of all your boys together! AWWW!

  3. The pictures are just precious. I love the bow ties. jasper looks so cute wearing those Puffies.

    You have a world of smiles and sunshine from your little ones.


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