Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a sunshiny day...

Hooray, my Boo-Bah came to see me today!

My first sunflower has bloomed!

Mama picked up this little treasure for me at the antique store. A vintage Fisher Price schoolhouse! I adore it!

Today was a wonderful day! My mama and papa came up the hill for a little visit. It had been several months since they had come up to the little hillbilly farm. Mama grew up in this town that I live in, so when she comes up for a visit it is lots of fun. We go to all her old stomping grounds, trespass on private property to get a peek at places she used to live, and shop shop shop! We went to an antique store today. In mama's day, the antique store was a church. A church of wild sorts, with grown men rolling on the floor speaking in tongues. We found many good things at that store. We also visited the little thift shop that I go to so often and the antique store across the street. Mama found a whole wagon full of treasure to take home with her, and she spoiled me with a good sized lot of goodies as well. We had lots of fun, galavanting through town.


  1. Sounds fun. Glad you had a great day!

  2. Sounds like you both had a ton of fun! I'll bet the boys were thrilled to have their Boo-Bah for the day. Nice picture.

  3. I have awarded you with a lovely award. Please stop by my blog to find out what.


  4. You forgot to mention you made one little girl VERY happy with a new bat! She LOVES it!! Thanks so much! Sounds like a great day, and what a cute little vintage FP house you have!


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