Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's all about teamwork!

Giving all our Little People animals a bath...

Making teething biscuits...

I am working hard to train my greedy grinch (Caillou) to share with little brother. Most days, he does pretty well, and other days... like today... he grabs his toys, runs into his room, slams the door, and yells "no popper, no popper, my toy." (Popper is the word he uses to refer to Jasper) sometimes.... if Jasper has a toy, that Caillou wants, he quickly grabs it from his hands, and replaces it with another toy, hoping Jasper hasn't noticed! Sharing is a hard concept for a two year old to grasp, but when he does share, they have some great times together. Oh, and the picture above, of us making teething biscuits... HARD AS ROCKS! Poor Jasper tried and tried to gnaw on them, and would look puzzled and bang them on the floor. Even Caillou, who is quite the biter, couldn't eat one!


  1. Oh I love these pictures so much. Jasper is sitting in the little picnic chest?? Caillou as usual has that sparkly little smile on his face. Have I told you lately that I love them I love them ,I love them!!!!, See you in the morning.

  2. Hard as Rocks Teething Biscuits!! Sounds yummy!

  3. Hi Ashley,your babies are so sweet...I always love visiting you!Leaves me with a smile...hope you have a blessed Mother's are a wonderful Mommy!


  4. How cute is Jasper in the picnic basket! Happy Mother's Day

  5. I love that picture of them too making teething biscuits.

  6. Your baby in the basket on the counter! That is so cute! I tried to make bagels one time and they turned out like teething biscuits.

    Love your blog. Reminds me of the days when my oldest two were babes. They are 17 months apart. Those were challenging days for sure but also lots of fun. It does get a lot easier as they get older. Now my little guys are 16 & 15 and help me with everything.


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