Monday, May 25, 2009

I fear I have become a boring blogger...

Allright, my once exciting, frequently updated blog has been neglected and has become..... BORING! I would like to proclaim my sincerest hillbillyish apologies for leaving everyone to wonder what has been occuring at the Little Hillbilly Farm. My last post left off with Tuesday's adventures, scavenging through town in search of vintage goodies... let's see, what crazy things have transpired since that day.... Well for starters, there has been cookie baking and ice cream making, and I do mean the old fashioned way of making ice cream, cooked on the stove top, then churned. We had a lovely day at the park, wonderful weather and a very nice boy played with Caillou. My bright pink cell phone, went to wireless heaven... Jasper used my phone as a binky/teether, well. He filled it so full of drool, that it just gave up and died. I have to give that phone credit, it survived nearly two tough years of being dropped, chewed on, thrown, floated in toilet bowls by toddler hands, and even being frozen once in the freezer. I got a good laugh that day though, when the at&t salesman tried to sell me a phone by saying it was baby proof. He obviously doesn't know my babies! Thursday was spent helping out someone and their turkey. There was also a visit to the park, Caillou found a dead bird, he surprised me when he exclaimed, "A broken birdie!" He then hung his head low and said, "oh so sad, a broken birdie, so sad!" He didn't seem too traumatized by the bird, because he quickly resumed picking his basketful of dandelions. I went to quilt group late that night, and began work on the little lambs that I am making for the boys. The following morning was full of adventures, TRESSPASSING! My friend and I set off for the duck pond, we fed many a duck and goose, and even managed to hold a baby gosling. Oh so darling! Mama goose hissed, but she did not attack! Then the real adventures began, the duck pond is situated on several acres, with a few abandoned homes on it, and some orphaned cows. Well, I went over the trampled barbed wire fence, and made friends with the cows. Then we tried to find a way to explore the old houses, but there was no accessible entrance for our two strollers. We did however discover an old metal hospital pole for holding IV bags, remnants of an out house, and a hobo camp! Later that day the goats escaped, as I was rounding them up, I decided to rake up their pens, well, Caillou was supposed to be playing with trains, when I came into the house to check on him, water was flooding out of the bathroom, there was a chicken in the sink, and Caillou was singing rub a dub dub. Poor chicken! The weekend was busy, we went to a barbecue, and even camped out in the mountains. I pulled sixty one cents out of my tape deck in the car, can you guess how that got there? Did way too much laundry, worked on the garden, and made petit fours and peanut butter cookies. It has been a busy week.


  1. I am never ever bored with your blog. It always makes me smile and it is so refreshing no matter how often you post.

  2. I agree. You have a wonderful blog. You have been busy, though. Was it your chicken?

  3. Lol! A hectic week! I will have to make it to your hillbilly farm this summer! I am sure caillou can introduce christopher to lots of new adventures!

  4. Oh, Ashely...your blog could never be considered's very lovely and sweet!


  5. um, you have to post the cow story!


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