Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oh dear....

It seemed like Caillou was having a very hard time staying out of trouble this week, particularly on Friday.... Among his many mischievous doings, there was emptying a 12 oz container of rainbow sprinkles on the floor, obtaining my scissors and cutting off the end of my table cloth, and hiding my money order for the rent. It was a very scary day, I was panicked about the rent. Fortunately, a good friend from church came over and helped me search for the precious little paper that would keep me at my little hillbilly farm for another month. We searched and searched, well... she searched and I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off... but in the end, she found the money order! As for the table cloth, it can be repaired. And the sprinkles, well, most of them were recycled, well I had just swept my floor!... ummm... I wouldn't accept any sprinkle covered cupcakes from me for a while....


  1. i love that he i eating them, after all that was the point in dumping them!

  2. He looks like "uh oh I've been caught"


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