Tuesday, February 3, 2009

An ugly duckling day...

I am having an ugly duckling sort of day. I am sick of being to poor to buy any new clothes, yes I know...I said I was trying not to be greedy, well I am going to start trying again tomorrow. I'm trying to make the best of my frumpy and forlorn wardrobe... I am patching up my jeans and embelishing them with cutesy ribbons and rick rack, and I am making some changes to some of my tops, I just wish I could go get some cute new clothes. Nothing expensive, wal mart suits me just fine... I am sick of my short hair!!! I long for funky little ponytails, so I really will look like the farmgirl that I am. My toes are so ugly, and I am too tired to paint them, I want polkadotted shoes or at least some shoes that aren't muddy and full of holes, flowery headbands, jeans that don't need a rope to hold them up, my own fault, I am notorious for buying my clothes to big, cute hillbillyesque flowing skirts, 50's blouses, and a cute yellow dress. That's all. Allrighty miss negativity will go back to sewing her quilt now!


  1. That duck is so cute. He isn't an ugly duckling at all.

    Yes you do buy your clothes way too big! A fat person such as me wants to know why do you do that? I think you should start your own clothes line for hillbillyesque people such as yourself. Maybe little accesories with a hillbilly touch. Etsy???

  2. Aw... I love you! And although I might create a monster here, have you heard of crafster.com? LOTS of super-cute ways to reconstruct old clothes into new, hip-looking ones.

    Yes, not as fun as new clothes... but better than nothing! ;)

    Sending lots of loves your way.


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