Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy boys...Happy times...

Japser is nearing 6 months now. He laughs all the time and is ever so happy all day long. He gets a real kick out of watching his brother doing crazy things. He rolls all about, and is trying very hard to push himself up and scoot forward. With a baby like Jasper, it is impossible not to want lots more babies. Babies don't get much sweeter than this one!

On this particular day, Caillou dressed himself, and said let's go! He couldn't understand why I would not let him go outside in this ensemble. After adding some pants, and a sweater we had a great day playing out in the yard. Caillou is constantly helping me. He has gotten to be very efficient using the hoe and rake, and collects rocks and dirt in his wheelbarrow. He is getting better at not uprooting all my flowers.

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