Saturday, January 31, 2009

The disappearance of a blogger...

My goodness, it has been nearly a week since I have posted anything. I'm sure many of you might be picturing me kidnapped, tied up to a chair, and held hostage until I give up the recipe to my secret chocolate fudge frosting. Or perhaps you have an image in your mind of me out in the middle of nowhere with a wagon full of rocks, trying to find my way back home. I am neither lost, nor kidnapped. I have simply been very, very busy....
Busy baking cookies, planting seedlings, digging up dirt, sewing quilts, tending critters, babies, feathered friends, and cats, making cupcakes and delivering them to my neighbors and friends at the taco shop and the hardware store... they give us free food and yard stuff! Busy, finding frogs, painting pots, putting up fences, scouting out the perfect books for Caillou at the library. Busy, giving tricycle riding lessons, feeding a mammary addict, ( sweet little Jasper!) scrapbooking with the goodies from mama, cleaning, watering plants, moving rocks in Boo-bah's yard, causing riots at the food stamp office...long story... a post for another day. Busy cleaning out the car from our rock hunt, busy dirtying up the car from our log hunt! Busy, busy, busy. We have been having many adventures.


  1. Caillou looks so much older with his hair that way. Very handsome!

    Cupcakes look good. What ever is in your top picture is really pretty colors. Jasper is as usual his sweet little self.
    Good Night

  2. You should keep your frosting a secret and bring me a plate of those yummy looking cupcakes instead! Oh and that cat looks like our cat billy before he lost his way and never returned or got turned in.

  3. Mammary addict - LOL!!!!!
    I would l-o-v-e to get half as much done as you do. Really. :)

    But inspired by you, I've donned my girly Valentine's apron while cooking this morning. Oh, so much more domestic - and clean! I forgot how functional these things are!


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