Friday, April 16, 2010

A very good day....

Yesterday was a very good day.  A much needed good day.  We made a very special trip to the strawberry fields, and had a picnic and day of play at the beach. We went with our good friends.  It had been since January that we last had been able to get together! My friend's little boy is the same age as Caillou, we actually met in Lamaze class and our babies ended up being born the same day at the same hospital and have been buddies since before they could crawl. Yesterday was a peaceful and wonderful day and my little rowdies were sooooo good!  I am very proud of Caillou and his good behavior yesterday, he struggles so much with his wild little self, but yesterday was a very good day for him. It was very nice for me to get to park myself down in the sand and let my littles run wild.  They did great, and had so much fun, and were quite happy!  We celebrated Caillou's good behavior afterwards with a scoop of ice cream, Caillou chose butter pecan and Jasper chose birthday cake ice cream!  The only not so good part of the day was that forgettful me left all the strawberries we picked at my Mama's house!  Oh well, she paid for our starwberry picking adventures, it only seems right she gets to enjoy some strawberries too! Goodness know we ate our fair share out in the fields!  So today my mama is going to make up a batch of strawberry jam, a very special batch, strawberries picked by her little munsters!  Dear Mama, please wash the strawberries... Jasper sneezed in the berry bucket....

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  1. There is nothing like a refreshing day out!!


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