Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Little boys and their mama...

This picture was taken a few months back, and I forgot to post it!  We had made a little trip to motherhood maternity store, and Caillou wanted to model the strap on pillow tummy.  My poor boys... they love to waddle around like their mommy, usually with odd things stuck up under their shirts.  Every morning they fight over the bottle of Tums by my bedside, Caillou is quite convinced that he has heartburn.  My children are never surprised by mommy's pregnancy throw-uppys.  Jasper yells Ow! Caillou says he has contractions, and they both start breathing funny.  3 years old and 21 months old, this is Caillou's second time around watching mommy grow a baby and understands it all much more this time. He knows mommy is having a c-section, he points to my scar, and tells me... "Mommy, did I come out of there? and Jasper came out of their too!  And Ollie is going to get born mommy, and the doctor is going to get him out of there."  Jasper, well Jasper says baby and kisses my tummy, but mostly he just really enjoys poking at my belly button that sticks out like a golf ball! 

In other news, I have overworked my poor sewing machine.  Thank goodness for my Mama, she put it in the shop for me today to be repaired.  It may be a few weeks before it is ready for pick up.  I am so anxious, I had so many projects to finish up.  My mama was going to loan me one of her machines today,  but I was feeling too lazy to learn to wind a bobbin and thread a machine different than the one I am accustomed to.  I think I am changing my mind, I can't live without a sewing machine.... "oh mama... I think I am coming back down to borrow your machine!"  Well, I am off to bed... very very sleepy.  Goodnight y'all!


  1. your little boys are so funny! I sure got a good chuckle out of your post tonight!!!

  2. With all our crazy running around, do you know what we forgot? I will see if you remember.
    Yesterday was quite wild, funny, and I know stressful, but my goodness your little munsters are about the funniest little boys I ever knew.


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