Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter.... yes a little late... I know!

We had a great Easter weekend. Saturday morning I sewed the boys Easter bunnies and in the evening we colored eggs, Jasper preferred to dye most his eggs green.  Both my boys were just so delighted with the whole process of coloring their eggs.  We had some special cupcakes afterwards, and left out some carrots for Mr. Easter Bunny.  We went through an entire 1lb package of carrots... Caillou and Jasper kept eating what was intended for the bunny!  That evening after the littles were in bed, Daddy and I filled their baskets and put treats inside many little eggs for them to find in the yard.  In the morning the boys found their baskets in their beds!  Jasper kept saying "Wow, Wow, Wow"  Caillou kept saying " Look what my Easter bunny gave me for my Easter!"  It was very cute.  We fixed a yummy breakfast, and then mommy laid down for a little rest.  My rest, wasn't so restful, Caillou and Daddy decided to come rest with me, played tickle monster, and Caillou ended up kicking his leg through our bedroom window.  We were very lucky that he just had one small cut!  After cleaning him all up, and getting all the glass cleaned up, we finally were ready for our egg hunt!  So much fun!  We had a lovely weekend. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


  1. Ashley ,your Easter with your family sounds wonderful..I think it is great that you are allowing your little ones to be so creative...some mothers would never dream of allowing such wee ones to help with the task of coloring eggs...for fear of a huge mess...but,you allow them to plunge in there and help you in so many areas...what successful skills you are teaching them and I am sure they are gaining so much confidence from your willingness to let them be your little all the very sweet pictures of your little men....blessings to you all.....Shelley

  2. What a wonderful Easter. What a blessed looking bunch of little ones. You are a good mama.

  3. I'm your newest follower, came by way of a comment you left on another blog!

    glad I did, your blog is brillliantly coloured and illustrates your happy life as a mother!

    i see you crochet and sew....after my own heart, i'm thrilled to have found you!

    come by for a visit anytime, my 'screen door' is always open!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

    and check out conversational carmelina as well, if you are so inclined!!


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