Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Case of the Missing Hillbilly...

This Hillbilly Mama, has once again gone missing from the world of blogging! It has been a crazy week since my last post! Last Wednesday had been such a peaceful day.... My boys and I baked little heart shaped peach pies...which they ate far to many of I can assure you! We had some lovely sunshine and a warm breeze. So into the yard my boys went in their mama-made polka-dotted pants, and Jasper still in his apron, another of his mama's nighttime sewing whims! We picked oranges off our tree and ate a few too, fed the birdies and praised our chicken ladies for the lovely eggs they had given us. We planted some carrot seeds and green onion seeds, and pulled a few weeds out of the strawberries. All three of us got the knees of our britches muddy, searching and digging for worms to give to our feathered friends. We played out in the sunshine for a good two hours, before going inside to relax to a bubble bath and marshmallows. Odd I know, but my boys really wanted one of mama's homemade marshmallow while enjoying their bubble bath. We had naptime, and storytime, and sewing time, and snuggle time, and then..... the chaos began. Wednesday's lovelies were quickly overshadowed by the drama of Wednesday evening. That night I was made aware that someone whom I had tried to befriend at one time, had done something cruel and senseless in an attack towards my family. I was hurt, mad like a mama bear, and broken hearted over what they had done. I tried to confront the situation, but unfortunately am dealing with people who just don't see the errors in their ways. It saddens me to no end, to be made the subject of their scrutiny and hatred, but I suppose some people are just so insecure and unhappy with themselves, they choose to bully and hurt those around them. As I was still struggling to make sense of all that drama, I received a phone call from the doctor on Friday morning. My bloodwork results had come back and they were not good. My anemia, had become quite severe. So much so, that they felt it was caused by something other than just iron deficiency. Early stages of Leukemia, being one of the possibilities. An immediate lab order was put in to do a full run of tests and the pharmacy was called with yet another prescription for more pills for me to pick up. Mama took me out for a yummy dinner and a trip to Jo-anns that night to calm my nerves. It was a long weekend of worry, I can't even express some of the fears and thoughts that went through my head. Monday came.... still no results. Finally on Tuesday, the lab results were in, and thank heavens, we can with 99.9% certainty rule Leukemia out of the equation. It looks as if the problem might lay in my body being unable to absorb the iron properly. I was sent back to the lab for a hemaglobinapothy evaluation... don't know quite what that is, but my arm was certainly aware of being pricked once again by more needles. Still awaiting the latest results, but for now I am on 650 mg of iron a day. Whatever the problem is, I am thankful it is not Leukemia! Worst case scenario, frequent blood tests, meds, and a blood transfusion. Which a good friend has already volunteered her blood, bone marrow, and a kidney...... (Aimee, if I do require any of your parts, I think I will owe you chocolate balls for life!) So....y'all that has been my week, why this hillbilly went missing again! What I have learned from it, is to live each day to it's fullest, appreciate the little things in life.... and don't talk to strangers. Yes, listen to the advice your mama gave you when you were 5... don't talk to strangers, because you might just befriend one, and they might turn out to be crazy!
Goodnight Y'all! Have a wonderful week! I promise to post sooner next time.


  1. I love your inspire me.

  2. Keep your chin up girl! You're always in my prayers! <3 I think I need you to fix up my blog to be all cutsey

  3. Wow! I am thinking of you! Just remember u r a wonderful person and don't ever let anyone get in the way of that! You r such a great mommy to your boys! You inspire me everyday! I hope the megadose of iron makes u feel less tried. I am glad lukemia is out if the equation too!
    your bestie who is once again too lazy to sign into blogger

  4. Wow. Rough run of things. I am glad to hear things are improving.

    You had an amazing line about people bullying when they are unhappy. I have recently lived through a similar episode. Hard stuff to deal with, but reminded me that sometimes people hurt because of THEIR demons.

    Take care.

    Daisy in Ontario

  5. Hey you, sorry to hear about the icky week, hoping you are feeling better and getting healthy for the last few months of your pregnancy, don't let other people bring you down, don't give them any power over you, blessings...

  6. Okay, you have sooooo much on your plate! I hope you get to relax soon. You are in my prayers. All of this on top of being pregnant is CRAZY! I sent you goodies finally! We have been enjoying our beautiful weather here, because who knows when it will change back to yucky weather again. Oh and I am super jealous of your fresh oranges! I used to spend a lot of time with my great aunt and uncle in SoCAl and That was one of the best parts! He would make fresh OJ for us YUM!

  7. I hope you feel better soon. I'm so glad you had a happy day with your little boys before the chaos began! Hugs and I hope you feel better soon. Two more months. You can do it!


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