Thursday, October 22, 2009

We love Autumn...

Living in Southern California, it is so hot in the summertime, that our scenery is usually very brown and dry. But in Autumn, things begin to green up, and there are pretty colors all around to be seen. The weather cools down, (sometimes) and I don't complain to much about being outside, in fact I actually love it! I really can't stand the heat, my kind of weather is crisp cool air, thunderstorms, and I adore springtime! Planting seeds, having hopes of a wonderful garden, baby chicks and ducklings at all the feed stores. Okay, but this post is about Fall... Fall makes me think of warm pies cooling on the counter, apple picking, cozy sweaters, making quilts, sewing halloween costumes, planning a yummy Thanksgiving feast, snuggling the kids under a warm blanket, drinking hot chocolate, making scarecrows, and picking out the perfect pumpkin. A couple of years ago, I became a bit obsessed with pumpkins. When Caillou was just a tiny baby, I planted a pumpkin seed. We watched it grow and grow and vine across the lawn of our little rental on Ivy Street. One fall evening I wrapped little Caillou up in a blanket, and we sat next to our pumpkin and read a book about how pumkins grow. We moved out of that little house before Autumn time came, that little pumpkin came with us. The following two years I begged my mama and papa to surrender their backyard to my pumpkin growing fancies. And for two years they suffered very high water bills, for my pumpkin crazies. This year we had our own little pumpkin patch. Due to hungry, pumpkin loving chickens, only one pumpkin fully grew and ripened up into a deep orange ready for picking. One large, lovely pumpkin! We have been getting our fill of pumpkins, going to pumpkin patches, and everyday my little Caillou asks me to bake a pumpkin pie. And I will bake that pumpkin pie... I promise, I am just waiting until my morning sickness is a bit better! I hope everyone is enjoying this nice season! Have a great week!

I love love love this picture, it just captures Caillous fun loving little spirit perfectly

makes me want some salsa!
If you look closely at this picture, you can see a reflection of me and my silly striped stockings in the glass window!

Who is missing from this photo??? Caillou, he is busy snuggling a little cat, and Jasper is looking down watching him.


  1. What gorgeous photos! Love Jasper with the big pumpkin! Nice post about fall.

  2. Hi Ashley,I love this fall post. Your little ones are just adorable...I always love coming to visit all of you...our family hasn't made it out to the pumpkin patch yet...hope to get everyone together soon for the visit....have a blessed weekend sweetie......

  3. Hey, I see you finally can comment on mine again.

    The first picture of Jasper is adorable.

    That sweater of Ruby's is an old one. It is almost to tight for her.

    Hope you are not feeling as sick as you have been.

    See you Tuesday.



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