Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Sneak Peek...

In our little town, all the Halloween festivites are being conducted today. The excitement in our house is very adorable! All morning Caillou has been practicing, " Trick or Treat" .... "Thank you, Happy Halloween." At 3 pm, as Caillou puts it..."let the wild rumpus begin" we will be going up and down main street, trick or treating at all the little shops. Daddy is coming home from work early, and meeting us along main street, then we are going out to dinner at our most favorite little taco shop. Afterwards, we will go to our church trunk or treat, for more candy collecting, some games, and a cup cake walk. Caillou is dressing as "Max" from "Where the Wild Things Are" and Jasper is going as a little gnome! I finished sewing their costumes last night, and they are quite giddy about the whole thing. The above picture shows their headpieces, after tonight there will be many more pictures to come!


  1. How fun. Love the ideas of the costumes. I bet they are so cute.

  2. Sounds like fun! Can't wait to see the pictures

  3. I bet it was a great fun day and night for all of you.

    Yesterday I spent 12 hours organizing sewing room and I mean organizing!!!
    Today I have to start clearing out bedroom stuff as floors get laid on Monday.

    I hope you guys have fun tonight. Stay safe.

    Be sure to let me know what day you are coming so I can give the boys their treats. I am making them cup cakes and rice krispie marshmallow bars, and of course their will be some candy too.

    Hope the colds are all better.
    mama aka BooBah


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