Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Little Hands....

In our home, I have been spending a good deal of time inspiring creativity in my little ones. Honestly, I need to do very little to inspire their creativity, all I need is to provide them with the proper materials, and their little creative spirits and imaginations take flight. It is a great deal of fun to watch what their little hands create. It is a great mess at times too, but if I stay calm and patient, and decide not to worry about the mess, we have sooooo much fun. I try to offer little interference with their projects, and let them make things the way they want to make it, of course I step in when someone is eating a crayon or licking the paints, but for the most part I let their little creative spirits direct the projects. Caillou loves it when I paint his hands and he makes hand print paintings. Jasper loves carved potato stamps and paints. And they both enjoyed painting pumpkins the other day, what color???? ORANGE, apparently the pumpkins were not quite orange enough for their liking! I have been making a scrap basket for the boys, fabric scraps, little balls of yarn leftover from projects, large crochet hooks, lacing cards, little things to keep their hands busy, so I can sneak in a few rows of crochet on a blanket without them going nuts with my ball of yarn, running away with it, unraveling my blanket all the while! Caillou calls his ball of yarn his "egg" and sometimes his "baby" he starts off holding it very nicely and then the unravelling begins, and he exclaims "what a mess!" It is often time difficult for me to actually do any of the many creative projects I have dreamed up, but when I do get the time to work on one of "mama's projects" I thoroughy enjoy the hum and whir of my sewing machine, or the relaxing motions of crochet. And my favorite thing to hear is " mommy made that" Sweet Caillou, oh how I love you for admiring mommy's handiwork! Well, Goodnight everyone, I think I will try to do a some of "mama's projects" before I grow much more sleepy!


  1. Very sweet. What fun. I like the idea of a scrap basket. Hmm. I think I will have to do that.

  2. Your basket sounds just right. Plus it saves money since often you don't know what to do with small pieces left over from some project, yet you don't want to toss it. Your boys look like they are having a great time!

  3. Jasper looks so grown up sitting at the little table. I hope that purple glitter paint came up off the floors.
    They look like they are having fun, that's for sure. Wait till you have a third one joining in.

    Hope the morning sickness is better today.
    See you tomorrow.
    Love Mama


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