Sunday, September 6, 2009

pickle relish and pint sized furniture....

A week ago, I began building the boys a table and two chairs. I am happy to say that it is now finished. The boys love it, and are having lots of fun eating lunch at their little table, playing with playdough, and doing lots of reading and arts and crafts. I put many a coat of verathane on the table top, so it is very glossy, and cleans up very easily. I have been in a very homemaking, nesting, creative sort of mood lately. Okay, I am always in this mood, but I am actually getting things accomlished, so I am feeling quite pleased. This weekend I made homemade pickle relish. Now I am in quite the mood to do some more canning. I have a very large bowl of nectarines ripening, and getting ready to be canned. And I think I want to do some cinnamon spiced apples, and perhaps some blueberry pie filling. I sewed a skirt for myself this weekend, and began sewing two soft blue robes for the boys for wintertime. I am making them out of an old blue blanket from my childhood. Tonight Caillou helped me lay out the pattern pieces. He tried his best to be helpful. He handed me straight pins as I needed them, and threw scraps away for me. His favorite job was to take the pins out of the pattern pieces, after a piece had been cut, and stick the pins into the pincushion. It would have been much quicker, and a bit more relaxing if Caillou had not decided to be mommy's helper, but it was a sweet feeling to have my little one beside me helping me to make him something. All the while saying "I want to help mommy, I a weallly weallly goood boy." My pattern pieces are a bit more torn than usual, and the fabric is cut a bit jagged and crooked, but a lasting memory will be stitched into these little robes. I can hardly wait until the cold weather comes and I can wrap up my little guys, in bits of my old blue blanket.


  1. Hello my dear Ashley,what a wonderful job you have done on your little ones table and is so sweet and I can just see Caillou and Jasper sitting there having so much fun. I heard about the funny Burger King story from Boo Bah...I had to smile and appreciate the innocence of babes(smile). Have a blessed week .....

  2. It certainly takes longer with little ones "helping", but worth it.

  3. Ashley I love the table and I really love what you did with the chairs. Your pickle relish looks good. It was so hot I don't see how you were able to do it.

    Bless little Caillou's heart. I can just see him helping in his boisterous way. It makes me smile just picturing him.

  4. I have been a "canning freak" myself. I didn't think of doing relish that sounds delightful.

  5. Love that table. Love it. You are so creative.


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