Sunday, September 27, 2009

Love, Mama

Dear Caillou, Thank you for singning to me lots of lovely little songs today. I especially loved your version of the Farmer and the Dell ( the plumber and the wall, the plumber and the wall, hi ho to harry go the plumber and the wall) You are absolutley darling my little one. I had lots of fun with you at the park today, and planting flowers with you in our garden. But Caillou my dear, I did not like it when you attacked me in the wal-mart. It made me very sad when you were hitting me, and that mean old lady in the motorized scooter, yelled at me " you are an atrocious mother" Caillou.... why couldn't you have bitten that lady instead of me? Oh well, I love you anyhow, even if you did make me lose one of my earrings, my only real gold earring that I own, and bent my glasses during your rage. But I love you still the same, sometimes when I get mad, I feel like biting people too! If I were as cute and short as you, I would probably feel brave enough to do it too. Well, my love, I just wanted to write you this little note to say how happy I am to be your mommy, even on your less than civilized days. And even if old ladies at wal-mart think that I am atrocious, I know that you think I am wonderful, and love me madly. xoxo my little one.... Love, mommy. P.S tomorrow let's bake cookies.


  1. How dare that lady say that to you!! She obviously never had children or she could understand. Everyone has had a day like that. Do not let it get you down.
    Very nice letter for your little one to have.

  2. My dear Ashley,you are a wonderful mother. I know you know that but,it is so good to get encouragement for time to time. I am so sorry for the miss leading comments from the lady in Walmart.She could have chose to use some encouraging comment to help but,that is just the way of the world this day.Not long ago I was in the Dollar store in a conversation on my cell phone with my son(17),he was pleading with me to try and get his way about something. This lady came up out of no where and starting yelling at me and told me to stop arguing with my child and go home and whip his ---.Then she turned and stomped at the door. I just stood there thinking,How was this any of her business.


  3. If I had been there I would not have kept my mouth shut!!! I would have taken her motorized scooter with her on it, and pushed her out the door.

    I don't understand why their are so many woman who are grandmotherly looking, who seem to hate children.

    I hope you have a happy day.


  4. What a beautiful note and post to your son. What great sunshine you have.


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