Saturday, September 26, 2009

The end of summertime...

Well y'all fall is officially here. It sure doesn't feel like it though in our little town. We have been going through a heat wave with the temperatures reaching 100 and something degrees. Heat wave of no heat wave, we went on a nature hunt this week. Caillou filled his little bucket with leaves, daisies, dandelions, rose petals, pinecones, and even two little crab apples. We are greatly looking forward to some cooler days. I can hardly wait to load up the boys in the little bike trailer, with our quilts, toys, a little hand work for mommy- crochet or such, our picnic basket full of yummies, and ride with the wind to the park. I know many a relaxing day will be spent that way. I am very excited about the next few months to come. I really do love the holidays, especially planning and preparing for the holidays! I am eager to be able to cozy up in a warm sweater, and snuggle my little ones in blankets, hot cocoa and cream of wheat mornings, and crisp cool breezes, pumpkin patches, and Christmas lights, rain storms, and a warm kitchen full of the aroma of baking cookies. And with all this excitement over fall and winter, I can't help but start thinking about springtime, and how excited I get to start planting seeds! I have already begun working on Christmastime projects. I am crocheting a blanket for Caillou, in shades of aqua, yellow, and lime. I have a quilt planned for Jasper. And many ideas of cute whimsical little creatures are floating throughout my imagination. As much as we enjoyed all our lovely summertime adventures, we are quite happily welcoming in the fall and winter seasons, and have many wonderful adventures ahead of us I am sure!


  1. We have a chilly night here. 50 ish. It is so nice. I got all my Fall stuff out today. I love the sweater and snuggling to, mama.

    I hope you have a great day.

  2. Sounds good to me. Have fun.

  3. Hi Ashley,love the picture of you and the boys. I am looking forward for some much cooler weather .It has been teasing us just a bit with some cool evenings and mornings. I like taking a quilt out on the porch for early morning coffee. I am heading off to the hospital with my DD Kathy and her husband early in the morning. She will be induced for labor. We will have a precious little babe to hold and kiss by this time tomorrow. I am so excited....blessings


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