Friday, August 14, 2009

Smiles for just seventy cents....

Today I made a quick errand to the store. Usually during our shopping trips, Caillou steals the spotlight, taking front and center with his rowdy, " I don't want to be shopping Mommy" 2 year old behavior. For example.... Tuesday evening was spent in the emergency room, after what was supposed to be a quick trip to K-mart. Now Jasper..... being a calm and usually happy go lucky baby, just sits back and watches his boisterous brother in wonder, and amusement... never fusses, and therefore gets less than his fair share of attention. So today, during our quick little errand, I decided to make my focus be on Mr. Jasper.... there was a new little ride outside our grocery store, a mechanical cow, I shook my little blue tin can out ( for some reason, my money always resides in my little can, rather than a wallet) and found two quarters. Jasper was quite happy with his little ride. Once inside the store, we went to the bakery and I got a little potato roll for him for just twenty cents. He happily munched on it in my arms all through the store and out to the parking lot. He was a very cheap date! Just seventy cents! But boy oh boy, the smiles he was giving me. He was very happy to have his mommy's undivided attention, and a couple extra treats! In other news..... my husband came home to his little family on Wednesday evening. It has been a rocky three weeks. But, he is home now, and will be beginning counseling soon, and is doing his best to give his heart to the Lord, and become the man that we need him to be. It is my most sincere prayer, that our little family will be strengthened, and that we will never again have to go through such unhappy times. Right now as I sit here making this post for my blog, Caillou is busy painting on the porch with his little easel all set up and Jasper is napping. I am about to put some cornbread in the oven, and work on a little more sewing. I have been working on lots of little projects for my shop. I am not sure whether I will be starting up a webpage, or an etsy shop, but I will be starting up something. I definitely want to make some changes, something new, sunshiny, and bright! Until then, this happy little homemaker of the little hillbilly farm will continue to post here! Have a happy weekend y'all!


  1. How sweet it sounds. I am glad that Jasper got some special attention. It can be hard sharing your attention when you have a one that is super boisterous. :) I really know.

  2. Can't wait to see what you are sewing. I hope your little guy is o.k. Have an awesome weekend.

  3. Hi Ashley,I learn of Caillou's accident from Boo Bah. I remember those times when my little ones would take falls. It was very upsetting for me...hope it didn't cause him much pain. I love reading of you and your little ones adventures together..glad that things are looking up for your little family...I will remember to keep you all in my prayers.


  4. Glad sweet little Jasper had such a good night out with mommy! Sounds like a great time!


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