Sunday, August 9, 2009

New news, new blog....

Well it has been a busy week. Caillou learned how to ride his tricyle this week! There were many trips to craft stores, we went on a scavenger hunt at the best donut shop in the world, stayed up late with my friend sewing, my cousin came into town for a visit, I taught a tap dance class, and worked on a lot of crochet. We had an evening of play at the park, made some chocolate yummies, and have worked on our yard. When the weather cools down we are going to plant some more grass seed in the back yard. As of this morning, the hubby decided to come home. We are going to give things another try, with lots of counseling and the Lord's help, perhaps there will be a happy ending to this story. Please keep my little family in your prayers. In other news... I am still in the works of a new blog, with a shop too! I will keep y'all updated with the new blog stuff,but try not to neglect this blog while the new one is in works. Have a happy week.


  1. God bless you dear Ashley,I am praying for your family..for God's will to be done. I know so well right where you are. I too have crossed that path....
    I pray you have a blessed week.


  2. You are an awesome woman! My best wishes and prayers are with you and your family.

  3. I guess I am in the dark a little. But I hope that everything works out for your family. I guess it was your last post that you deleted that you shared what was going on and I was out of pocket. Praying for you.

  4. Dear Ashley, I am a friend of Shelleys and many others you know. I would love to be your blog friend. Come over and visit me sometime at Once Upon a Fairyland. I'm in the throws of telling my childhood story. WIth your charming blog, I'm thinking you might like the charm of mine. God bless.

  5. I pray things will work out. God's will be done.Cindy


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