Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Indecisive little old me...

Allright Y'all I have hummed and hawed as to whether or not I should start a new blog, build a webpage, do an etsy store... on and on and on. So... I am keeping the blog, no webpage, no confusing new blog address, same blog, new look, and for my handmade goodies, I have opened up an etsy account, I have not listed any of my little lovelies for sale yet, but as soon as I do, I will link up the store to this blog. Allrighty, goodnight!


  1. Good for you! Hope your store does well.

  2. Hello Dear Ashley,Congrats on your Etsy shop...can't wait to see what you stock it with. I have one too,I need to get busy and stock it as well. Lots of vintage goodies to go in there. Your blog looks very sweet and I love the little graphics on your sidebar...


  3. Love the new header! I'm glad you are doing an Etsy store. I can hardly wait to see all your creations.

    Had fun with Jasper today. I am honored because I got his very first kiss.

    aka your Mama

  4. You go girl, I'm glad you got that all sorted out and now it's just down the rabbit hole we go to the land of Etsy...with all your Btsy!


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