Saturday, May 7, 2011

A year ago...

A year ago, I was at McDonalds ( that's nothing new, I practically live at McDonalds) and I was in labor.  Pretending not to be in labor, actually.  Ignoring labor, because I had still not sewn the big boys their specail overnight bags for their stay at the Grandmas houses, and I had not sewn that one last quilt I wanted to get done for Ollie baby. That one last quilt I finished in the wee hours of the morning, along with the bags, I packed my hospital bag, went to bed, went to church, Daddy said " Surprise it is Mother's Day, lets go to the taco shop" and well you know the rest, half way into a rolled taco with gauc, Ollie made it known he wanted OUT!!!! To the hospital we rushed, and our baby was born.
  Fast forward a year... and today I was at McDonalds again... far more comfortable this time.  That quilt I had to make before allowing myself to admit that the labor was real... that quilt is next to me, being used as a little table cloth on the boys table, it is currently covered in a splash of goopy cheesy mac the boys had for lunch... grrr, and Ollie, Ollie bug is here, munching on the gooey center of a chocolate chip cookie, because after all it is his birthday weekend, and after a whole year of not knowing the joys of baked goods, its about time someone give that boy a cookie!  Tomorrow, I am hopeful for a nice Mother's Day, hint hint Daddy... the children and you right now SHOULD be elbow deep in construction paper and glitter.  Caillou will sing to me in church tomorrow, something I always love!!! And tomorrow hopefully I will get my Mothers Day taco shop dinner!!!  Ollie bug being born on the 9th, his birthday has changed this year so it is not on Mother's Day this year, we will still celebrate some tomorrow, but mostly on Monday.  I have special plans for my little man! Pictures to come.


  1. Wow...hard to believe it has been a year already.....have a very blessed Mother's day deserve are a wonderful little mother....your babies are so blessed to have you....I enjoyed your Easter post...looks like it was a great day for all...a very Happy B-D to sweet little Ollie from me....blessings

  2. I remember it like it was yesterday! I got sick exposed Ollie and couldn't get out of bed for days, or go to the hospital to see him after that! Time sure does fly.

    Now Ollie is a curly headed beautiful little boy. I love the day a few weeks ago when he popped up and said Boo-Bah! He is always full of smiles. I bet he liked the cookie. I wonder if he will like to eat as much as Jasper does.

    All three of your little boys are very special!!

    See you soon
    Love Mama


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