Tuesday, February 8, 2011

everyday is an adventure.....

Having three boys, ONE being particularly a busy boy, full of wonder, mischief, and energy... I probably would be wise, to never ever leave the house.  Never go out into public, braving the crowds of the grocery store or the other mothers and their more well behaved children at the parks.  I should probably not attempt things like taking my children into the bakery, when I know they are going to not listen, when I say " DO NOT CLIMB ON THE GLASS COUNTER" or " STOP TOUCHING THE DONUTS".  I should probably NEVER EVER and I do mean never ever, drive on the freeway with the ROWDY LITTLE PEOPLE .... heading towards museums.  NEVER EVER should we probably ever think of going to the the museum.  We most definitely should not ever parade into the taco shop with the big stroller, dolly strollers loaded with dollies, noisy, burritio hungry rowdy people, because I know that at some point during our meal... RICE WILL BE CATAPAULTED across the restaraunt.  Alas,  I know i WOULD BE VERY VERY WISE.... to stay at home, keep my rowdy little people contained to the privacy of our own little green house of lunacy, BUT i AM  A GLUTTEN FOR PUNSISHMENT.... AN ADVENTURE SEEKER.... and so out and about we go.... TO THE GREAT DISMAY of all those poor unfortunate people who might also be out and about at the same places where  WE ARE OUT AND ABOUT. 
What can I say, as naughty as my rowdy little peoples can be when we are out and about, we like adventures, outings, and fun experiences.... look out little town.... the Foret boys are coming!

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  1. You go girl...you take those little rowdy boys wherever your heart desires....in the mean time they are growing and learning through all your outings together....what memories you are making along the way. Reminds me so of my little ones and our adventures years ago in our little red wagon....I saw on Iris' new blog the bears you made long ago...they are wonderful....you are so very talented and quite the Artist indeed...blessings to all of you,Shelley


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