Thursday, January 6, 2011

Is it spring yet????

I am going nuts waiting for springtime!!! I miss the many hours that were spent out in the garden, checking on seedlings, watering plants, searching for lady bugs, eating carrots right out of the ground, picking bucketfulls of strawberries, dinners made from the gatherings from our little plot of earth.  Last spring and summer was a magical time, full of appreciation for the miracle of growing things.  Wonderful friendships were formed with our neighbors, trading seeds and little plants over the fence with one another, their children would come into the garden and munch on yellow tomatoes and fill their buckets with them to take home, I probably grew well over 65 pounds of yellow pear tomatoes last year, and oh it made some yummy salsa that I preserved!
All together the kids moved bricks, and little fences, and rocks and dirt and such, a truly lovely friendship was built during that time.  Our neighbor and I now anxiously await our seed catalogs to arrive in the mail, and await warmer weather, and longer sunlit evenings.  I suppose we will have to wait a bit longer for much gardening, however this weekend the orange tree is ready to be picked.... thousands of oranges!!!!! Anyone else anxious for springtime? 


  1. Well, I guess. Cause, with Spring comes summer... then FALL!! Yay!! LOVE LOVE LOVE Fall! But, yes. Spring is a fun time of year! Wish I had a garden though. (Maybe I should pay for a plot over at the church.)

  2. I planted some onion sets. 1.98 for 60 onion starter bulbs at Lowe's. You could do some lettuce. I am eagerly awaiting spring myself.

  3. Spring would be so nice but,not so a HOT Texas Summer :)...Can't wait to see your Spring garden coming up...loved seeing all the pictures of your previous post'...that precious video of a boy and his Hen...So sweet!Your blog is lovely,lively and very refreshing.....blessings to all of you,Shelley


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